Huge E.L.F. 60% Sale Haul + Review

Hello My Pretties! (hmmm that makes me sound like the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz…)

I mentioned the huge 60% off E.L.F. sale a few weeks back, did anyone else besides me jump into that? =)

And following hot on the heels of the 60% sale was the 50% sale and then the 50% sale extension, haha, the 50% off is actually still on and it’s on until the 23rd of August so if you get inspired to buy anything after reading this post, you’ll get a decent deal on it.

I’ve heard of E.L.F. before but I knew their products can be pretty hit and  miss sometimes. To be honest I was happy with what I have and what I was eyeing already and didn’t see a need to get E.L.F. stuff  on top of it  all just because they’re slightly cheaper, there’s no point if I already have something else in mind that’ll do the job. But the sale was just so good, oh my goodness, 60% off absolutely everything?? Like I mentioned  previously, it’s 60% off a £25 spend, which gets you so far on E.L.F.  already and you end up only spending less than £12. (By the way, have I mentioned how much I love crunching numbers?)

Ah but I just couldn’t beat my antipathy to useless clutter laying around so when I  first browsed the E.L.F. site to see if I actually needed anything, I  was actually despairing of hitting the £25 mark and I would never, ever  get something just for a discount if it isn’t justified enough (this is  why I take absolutely AGES shopping, you don’t want to shop with me…).

Thankfully (or maybe not, depending on how you see things), I hit £25 quicker than I thought I would… in fact it ballooned a bit and I had to bring it  all back down =P

The only annoying thing is that it took absolutely ages for this box to get to me, I expected it a couple weeks ago, so I’m sorry as I know I’ve been talking about doing an E.L.F. Haul for a long long time now, sorry this is way it’s taken so long!

Huge box of E.L.F.!

Huge box of E.L.F.!

Anyway, everything’s finally here as you can see above! It’s so exciting unboxing a first haul from a new company you’re trying for the first time, feels a bit like Christmas, definitely going to do a huge series of reviews posts and swatches  soon!

First, some pictures of the packaging!

It was a simple cardboard box, when I opened it I saw this lattice of cardboard ruffles on top, simple yet effective packaging here!

The stuff inside was all packed into one zip-lock bag.

The stuff inside was all packed into one zip-lock bag.

The back view of the zip-lock bag. Isn't everything packed in really efficiently??

The back view of the zip-lock bag. Isn’t everything packed in really efficiently??

I do care about the packaging that my stuff comes in, as you don’t want to have your stuff arriving in bad condition (even if you return it or get a refund, that’s extra hassle we can all do without). E.L.F.’s packaging definitely is pared down and simple but effective I’d say, although a lot of the stuff (as you can see above) came packed in individual boxes, none of those boxes were dented or broken, good to know if any of you were thinking of giving any E.L.F. stuff away as gifts as you don’t want your gift item packages to be damaged.

I also actually quite like the large zip-lock bag, never know when you’ll need one!

Okay, enough about boring packaging, below is the list of stuff in the haul, everything’s also shown in the very first picture =) The total came to around £19 plus another £2.75 for delivery.

Lip Balm SPF 15
– At 3.75 it’s already the cheapest SPF lip balm EVER, then add the 60%  off to bring it down to 1.50 and it’s an absolute steal. Better than  half price and better than 2-for-1!
– I don’t have any lip products  with SPF and the reviews said this lip balm really helped with chapped  lips too, that’s a huge problem of mine and I don’t have anything else  to help with this at the moment (used to use Kiehl’s but that’s so  expensive! Also, can’t remember if that has SPF in).
– I got 3  shades: Clear (to apply under other lippies), Nude (never tried nude  shades before, am excited!) and Dark Rose (just to have an exciting  colour in the mix and for days when I just want to whack this on and  nothing else on top).

Studio Glossy Gloss
– I read this post and was recommended these! Thanks!
– I don’t actually have any lip glosses at the moment except 1, mainly  because I stopped wearing them for awhile and my old ones became all  clumpy and icky. The colour I have now is lovely pouty, shimmery pink so I went for different shades this time.
– I got the shades Tangy  Tangerine (love the peachy orange! I have nothing in that colour, so  excited) and Ballet Slippers (which I hear is a good Urban Decay dupe  and I also have nothing in that sheer nude pink!).

Lip Lock Pencil
– It’s applied around your lips to prevent colour bleeding out,  lip-liners do the same but then you’ve gotta get a lip-liner for every  colour you have. This clear lip lock is a one-stop solution for ALL your lippies, what a genius idea!
– I read this review on it and you can see from her pictures that the lip lock really does what it says it  does. I don’t have too much of a problem with lipstick traveling but  this will be helpful for parties/events and although I’m not an MUA I  actually work in theatre/entertainment so I just know having this on  hand might be a life-saver one day…

Lip Primer and Plumper
– I love primers. I’m totally sold on the idea. A product that enhances  that use of all your other products? How efficient! Everything else will improve exponentially! I’m such a nerd…
– This is the first lip  primer I’ll have tried, E.L.F.’s primers actually get good reviews, so  am pretty excited! My lip colours also seem to disappear off of my lips  really quickly, it annoys me no end. I swear it’s like I have a black  hole in the vicinity of my nose, the colour gets sucked off that quickly.
– Not really too excited about the plumper although it apparently  stimulates blood flow to the lips and plumps them up… sounds a little  scary to me but I guess I’ll give it a try, why not?

Studio Mascara Primer
– Didn’t I say I love primers?
– The very first mascara I ever used was the two-ended blue and white  L’Oreal one that has primer in one end and mascara in the other. Then I  got hooked onto the fiber ones and never really looked back. Somehow I  could never bring myself to buy just primer but this E.L.F. is really a  steal.
– Use primer if you can! It’ll make your mascara perform just as well as a high-range one!

Clarifying Pressed Powder
– Really wasn’t going to get this as my number 1 drugstore pressed powder would be Rimmel Stay Matte and I don’t see a need to switch it, BUT  with the 60% off this cost only 60p!! Crazy!! I decided this would be  one product I wouldn’t regret throwing away if it just didn’t work and  went for it.
– Also, this powder apparently has salicylic acid in it, making it perfect for dealing with acne even while it mattifies your  face, I have oily skin so this sounds amazing to me.
– One thing that stops me from buying powders online is the shades, but I went for a  darker shade than usual as I hear E.L.F. products tend to be a shade  lighter than they look to be and if it does turn out to be a shade too  dark maybe I can use it as a contour powder. Or just give it away. Or  toss it. It’s 60p…

Make-Up Remover Pen
– Another genius  product for cheap, just like the one above! This pen can be used to  remove the little makeup blunders you make, especially good for around the eye area.
– I would use a cotton bud in makeup remover to fix errors currently but  who carries around spare cotton buds and makeup remover when you’re on  the go?? Seriously, who?
– This is probably going to live in my  handbag and save my face when I’m out and about. Also going to be great  for work for the same reasons as above (lip lock pencil).

Angled Contour Brush and Contour Brush
– I really need more brushes for concealer and eye makeup application! It sounds silly but I currently only have the one brush for my eyes and I  use it for everything, even concealer sometimes, and once forgot to wash inbetween and got sparkly dark circles under my eyes… I’m holding out on getting a proper set till Real Techniques is on sale again but I do  need a couple little brushes to tide me over in the meantime!

That’s that! Am writing this Wednesday evening as I’ll be filming all day Thursday so am actually pretty glad these babies arrived in time, am excited to see how useful some of these items will actually be for the shoot!

A Haul-ful of Love!


What do you think of the haul and any E.L.F. products you love?

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