August Beauty Competition Giveaways 3 – John Frieda Frizz Ease

Hello Bargain-Beauties!

There’s the third in the August series of beauty competition giveaways =) The first two are here and here, if you haven’t checked them out you should as it’s still August and you stand a chance of winning!

This competition isn’t hosted by a magazine, which is rather new. I mean, beauty brands do sometimes host their own independent beauty giveaways (my previous posts on the Rimmel Stay Matte and the ongoing Revlon Beauty Booth are good examples) but not usually on the scale of a few hundred products a day for a month but this is exactly what John Frieda has done!

From my knowledge, John Frieda is a hair product brand that focuses specifically on hair care, for example a lot of their product range specialises on hair colour intensity and protection. They also have products for volume, hair repair and hair dye.  This particular giveaway they’re running is focusing on their Frizz-Ease range which is meant to repair damaged/dry hair that’s prone to frizzing. The great thing about this is that John Frieda hasn’t just produced serums, shampoos and conditioners (which any company can and does do) but they’ve also included various styling equipment and styling products specifically meant for frizzy hair as well, in order words they’re being incredibly detailed and holistic here, which is great!


So what’s in this giveaway exactly?

Well, everyday there will be 200 products up for grabs! I love that they’ve specified exactly how much there is every day, you get a clear idea of what they’re offering and what your chances are. 200 gives you pretty good odds I think!

These products will be from their Frizz Ease range, we don’t know exactly which products they’ll be giving out but it’ll include their serums, shampoos, conditioners, brushes, styling equipment (ie. straighteners), spraying mists and even umbrellas it seems… not quite sure I’d be wanting an umbrella that says Frizz Ease on it but I guess one can’t complain if it’s free!

You can enter every day in August on the competition page over here, besides the usual gamut of registration questions there’s also a couple extra questions they ask you to answer about how you like your hair, not sure if this affects competition chances or not to be honest!

My own hair is naturally very straight and quite sleek, my problem has always been about volume not frizz, so I probably won’t be entering this competition myself (part of me wants to, just because it’s something free, but I know there’re others out there who would appreciate it far more than me) but if you have frizzy hair problem this is probably the competition for you this month! You stand a chance of winning straighteners, woohoo! And apparently Frizz Ease is UK’s Number One anti-frizz haircare range based on sales statistics for this summer.

All the best and I hope you win something! If you do, let me know =D

Loads of Anti-Frizz Love!


Anyone have any experience with other John Frieda products?

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