Some Sales Ending Today – Dorothy Perkins and Kiko Milano

Happy Weekend Lovelies!

Seems another summer has flown by, come Monday it’ll be September the first which is officially Autumn I’d say. While I don’t actually like the heat (hate it, to be honest!) I do really love the longer days and I always miss it when the days start getting shorter again *le sigh*. The one good thing about summer leaving though is the end of summer sales (now also officially winding down!) and amazing Autumn lines coming out, I probably love Autumn clothes over anything else!

First up, we have Dorothy Perkins’ Final Clearance, ending midnight today.

Final Clearances are always a bit of a hit and miss with me, on the one hand sometimes things are left there for a reason, and also it’s nigh impossible to find your size and it’s always about whether you’re lucky enough to have the item you want in the size you need it to be. But on the flip side, you get amazing discount perks, such as the extra 15% off that DP are adding to everything in their final clearance, which is amazing! If you fancy your chances at finding a steal, have a rummage through their sale here.

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Amazing Freebies – Free Scarf + Nail Wrap

Happy Good Friday!

So, as you read this I’ll be enroute to a whole weekend long church camp from today until Monday. It’s our church’s annual affair and while it’s fun, amazing and great to be able to just leave the city and hang out with out with everyone for a few days, it’s also excruciatingly tiring >_< I’m still looking forward to it though. For those of you not lucky enough to be going away this Easter weekend, here’s some wonderful freebies to make your bank holiday Friday amazing – free Mylene Klass nail wraps and free ladies’ scarves!

FREE Myleene Klass Nail Wraps

These deals are again from SDN, or Social Discount Network, great freebies have been featuring on that page recently, I love it! Absolutely paradise for free beauty and free fashion deals.
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Fashion Deal – £1.99 Bargain Summer Dress

Morning Everyone!

Here’s a great mid-week deal for you that’ll be sure to perk you ladies up… an amazing summer fashion deal, a lovely summer lace dress from Peacock for just £.199 this Thursday (currently retailing at £18)!

Yep, believe or not that dress in the picture will be on sale for just £1.99! That’s got to be the cheapest, fashion bargain I’ve heard of ever since the infamous minimum wage dress that went on sale some time last year. Great bargain and also a great way to start the Spring/Summer re-haul for your wardrobe, you want to be ready for all those fine-weather parties that’re bound to start cropping up, right? 😉

So, the dress is actually available in 2 colours, the other one is in lilac:

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£2.50 Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Hello Lovelies!

Here’s a ‘freebie’ that would also make a great Mother’s Day gift (it’s this weekend, eep!). Basically, it’s a pair of free freshwater pearl earrings but you have to pay delivery on them which costs £2.50 so let’s just say the earrings cost that much, shall we? 😉

Freshwater Pearl Silver Stud Earrings

The freebie can be found on the site Social Discount Network, or SDN for short, and it’s a pretty sweet considering that they’re basically offering these for free, I’ve no idea why or how they can possibly make anything by this but it’s possibly a marketing thing, definitely am not complaining about a pair of free pearl earrings though!

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Last Minute Auction – A Treasure Trove of Bargain Beauty Deals!

Happy Sunday all!

As today’s Sunday I thought I would regale you with a lovely review, I’m finding I definitely don’t have time to do much over the weekdays these days except quick deal alerts on freebies I’ve spotted or nice discounts, so I thought I should try to squeeze in a review over the weekend where I can! I have to say this is very relevant to the series I did ages about how to bargain hunt on eBay (you can read that here) but even if you’re not a usual eBay hunter this is a pretty good site to check out so it does deserve its own review!

So, what is Lastminute Auction exactly? It’s basically a site that trawls through all the auctions currently up on eBay and then specifically lists all the ones that are still on for under £1 (or a dollar on the American website) and with only 1 hour left to go!

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