Pennies are currently the smallest denomination of GBP currency. A while back there used to be the farthing (quarter of a penny) and the half-penny (self-explanatory) but these days it’s just the penny and her equally little-used cousin the 2-pence. But I assume you didn’t actually come here to read about pennies.


Penny prefers to be in the shadows. (and the rain)

Penny prefers to be in the shadows (and the rain)

Just another God-fearing, God-loving and eternally busy-busy  Londoner (not too busy to start a blog apparently!) who enjoys hunting down a good deal more than she loves whatever item it was that was on the deal itself. Parsimonious is really the best word there is to describe me.

I’m also female (you could’ve guessed that), in my twenties, a beauty enthusiast, a book-worm and a hand-drummer. None of that really tells you much about me but I’m sure you’ll get a better idea after reading some posts =)

Also, my name is not Penny. Penny’s a pen-name.

I do like pennies though, I think they’re cute. And pens, I like pens too.


I love a good deal SO much it doesn’t stop when I actually close in and get the deal itself, I feel an irresistible urge to go around sharing it as well. I’m pretty sure there’s an idiom or phrase to this effect, something about not hiding away good news but wanting to spread the word! That’s what Parsimonious Penny is all about really, spreading the good news.

What you can expect to find on Parsimonious Penny is info on the latest freebie beauty samples that are up for grabs, reviews on said beauty samples, news about any sales/discounts/offers plus my own experiences at any of these, my own tips/tricks for savvy shopping and the odd quip or two.

More detailed info on what Parsimonious Penny is all about in my very first blog post here: https://parsimoniouspenny.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/find-a-penny-pick-it-up-an-introduction-to-myself-penny-and-why-ive-started-this-blog/

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