One-Year Blog-aversary!!! – Did You Save a Penny?

Parsimonious Penny has been up for A YEAR!!!

It's been HOW long?!

It’s been HOW long?!

Yes, I’m celebrating with my all-time favourite cat picture (I want that kitten)! And FIREWORKS!!! Okay, imaginary fireworks.

Does the word ‘blog-aversary even exist?? Well, it does now. I’m actually pretty chuffed I made it this far. A tad bit sad I abandoned the post-every-single-day a couple months ago but as an annual round-up kinda thing and also to be accountable to you lovely readers this is a stats-happy page. It’s nowhere as amazing as some of the beauty blogs out there that hit stats like this in, like, their first week. I’m not that amazing snazzy blog run by a social media expert-extradinaire that has wonderful integrated social platforms, artsy pictures taken by a chunky camera, which achieved 2500000 followers in its first 5 minutes of life… but then, I never expected a freebies beauty blog to be like that! It’s less about pretty images and more about maths, number crunching, real bargains and free stuff (lol).

So here’s what Parsimonious Penny is today, on its official one-year blog-aversary.

Number of Posts – 339 (hey, not far from 365!)

Followers – 204

Total Views – 42,225

Total Comments – 928

Total Pennies Saved – you tell me!

The most important number to me would be how much this blog has actually helped you, if at all! I want the blog to be a penny-saver, not a penny-loser, and I’d hate for any reader to walk away being enabled to buy more rather than save more >_< So I’d love to hear in your comments below what freebies or bargains you’ve nabbed this year thanks to the blog, heck email me with pictures if you have any, I’d love to hear your freebie stories!

Of course, a 1-year anniversary of a blog dedicated to freebies and bargains wouldn’t be complete without a bargain… so if you missed today’s post on a free loom-band via TopCashBack, click here for it.

I feel it’s also appropriate to have a look back at my first ever post – Find a Penny, Pick it Up.

Looking forward to your stories!



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New Budget Makeup Brand – I ♡ Makeup

Hey Lovelies!

Very excited about this post and aren’t we all lucky to be living in such exciting times (okay, maybe I take makeup too seriously), just think about it, in just the past year the number of decent budget cosmetics brands have doubled! At least, it sure seems that way to me because I only knew of E.L.F. and MUA before (don’t they love their acronyms?) and then again, maybe E.L.F. doesn’t count because it’s only available onine. Then just a few months ago Makeup Revolution launched to much hype and fanfare, now it’s been barely that much longer and we have I ♡ Makeup!

Above are two of my favourite palettes from the brand, can you tell already that everything’s going to be kitchsy? Not that that’s a bad thing. Almost every other makeup palette that launches these days has that sleek black plastic casing, which is meant to look professional but obviously we know it’s just economical (and I definitely won’t complain when there’s amazing price points to be had as well!

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Happy Easter!


Just a quick post today to wish you a lovely Easter.

I’m having a lovely time at my church’s Easter camp (we’re a tiny church but we’ve many tiny branches all over uk and Europe so it’s just lovely when we can all gather and spend time together on Easter weekend!).

Regardless of whether you believe in Easter (that it was the day the man called Jesus rose again and thereby proved He was God hurrah) or not, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the picture of two cute bunnies below, so I hope this post put a smile on your face! Otherwise, go eat some chocolate.


If the bunnies are enough I highly advise you to hold off buying chocolate till tomorrow, when everything will go on sale 😉

LOVE and Easter Wishes!

Dolce&Gabbana Bicester Village Spring Shopping Event – TODAY Only

Hello Lovelies!

Whow, what a lot of shopping deals have cropped up this week, now we’ve an amazing Dolce and Gabbana Spring Shopping Event at Bicester Village.

This is just a quick update really, I know Bicester Village is a bit of  a trek but at least the event’s late in the day so if you had the day free and love D&G this is worth a think! I think the real hook for me is the complimentary Prosecco and Italian Sweet Canapes while you shop in store 😉 Couldn’t think of a better way to shop!

So, most details are on the image but in case you can’t see it, this is for today from 3pm till 7pm and you get a 20% discount for purchasing 2 items, 30% for 3 items and 40% for 4 items (it stops there unfortunately).
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Valentine’s Extra Post – Free Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts

Uh-oh, it’s afternoon on Valentine’s Day and you still haven’t got anything for that significant other???

Surprise Face!


Not to worry because I’ve an emergency extra post today, just for you 😉

But first, spare a second to note my all-time favourite kitty picture…

Anyway, on with the Valentine’s freebies!

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