August Beauty Competition Giveaways 2 – EasyLiving Magazine + MyShowcase Products

Hello my amazing readers!!

So, just a few days ago I posted about the Glamour August Beauty Giveaway with Sai-Sei Skincare, since August is about half over now I thought I better get my butt in gear and finish up with the August series of beauty giveaways!!

As I’ve mentioned more than enough times before, I absolutely love freebies and second to that I love the chance of getting freebies. The Glamour giveaways are usually my favourite ones, not just because I’ve actually won something before (I used to think winning one of these things was a myth!) but because they usually do them once a month and they team up with amazing brands, their giveaways are always so well-structured, you can tell if you’re interested in the stuff they offer or not and just not waste your time if you’re not interested in the month’s theme/brand.

But enough about Glamour! Another mag that does almost monthly giveaways would be EasyLiving. I have to admit, they’re not as well known as Glamour, I only found out about them because of their giveaways (which goes to show giveaways do work in terms of promotion and marketing). I also haven’t won anything from them before but I have a theory… if they’re less popular than Glamour then surely there’ll be less people competing for their goodies too, so our chances go up, yes?

By the way, there should be a nice little picture of today’s competition product right HERE but it seems WordPress is having trouble with my uploads so you get a fail-polar-bear instead.

Slap Face Polar Bear

For the whole month of August, EasyLiving has teamed up with online beauty retailer MyShowcase to give away a free MyShowcase product every day. I can’t find any info on how many of each product they’re giving away each day which is a little annoying (after all, if it’s only just one a day chances are well low!).

The products that are on the giveaway are all from various different brands, not just one like the Glamour one, this gives you more variety so I highly suggest you head over to the competition page to have a browse through and see if you like anything. You can just enter on the days where there’s actually something you like (I’m not sure how this works, whether the prize draws are completely random or they make sure 1 person doesn’t win more than once a month? Note to self: must email them to find out…).

To give you a quick low-down though, what’s on offer seems to be a mix of make-up and skincare products but there’s definitely more skincare than make-up in there. I’ve to put my hands up and admit I’ve not heard of any of the beauty brands here, although they all seem to be luxury/high-end brands. Some of the names I spot are: Blink, CID, Mitchell and Peach, Kate Logan, Balm Balm, Elizabeth’s Daughter etc.

Entering is very easy, just head to the entry page here and fill in the questionnaire, it includes details like your first name, last name, date of birth, address and email. You also have to answer a little question but it’s extremely simple, here’s a hint: I love berries. (if you can’t tell, the word ‘berries’ was black in colour) hehe

So, all the best! Hope you win something and if you do, tell meeeee! =D =D



Get in there on those competitions!

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