Last Minute Auction – A Treasure Trove of Bargain Beauty Deals!

Happy Sunday all!

As today’s Sunday I thought I would regale you with a lovely review, I’m finding I definitely don’t have time to do much over the weekdays these days except quick deal alerts on freebies I’ve spotted or nice discounts, so I thought I should try to squeeze in a review over the weekend where I can! I have to say this is very relevant to the series I did ages about how to bargain hunt on eBay (you can read that here) but even if you’re not a usual eBay hunter this is a pretty good site to check out so it does deserve its own review!

So, what is Lastminute Auction exactly? It’s basically a site that trawls through all the auctions currently up on eBay and then specifically lists all the ones that are still on for under £1 (or a dollar on the American website) and with only 1 hour left to go!

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The Amazing Ugg Shezbies – Review

Hello Everyone!!!

As the title would suggest, I finally got them!!!

Those regular readers out there would know what I’m talking about… I first spotted these babies here on AMR but the price utterly turned me off, I just can’t spend £195 on a pair of boots no matter how amazing they are. So instead I just stuck them on my wishlist and patiently waited.

Of course, I know where there’s a will there’s a way and the moment I realised they were on discount (also from AMR), I instantly jumped to the website.

Helloooooo Shezbies!

Helloooooo Shezbies!

As luck would have it, they didn’t stock my size in black but I didn’t want to compromise and get the brown because I knew I’d use the black much, much more… I could’ve gotten a size up but I didn’t want to risk it, so I did what any girl on a quest for shoes would do: I bookmarked the website and checked it obsessively, until one day they magically had Size 4 in stock again and I literally bought it in a minute.

They were reduced to £135, which is still pricey to be fair, but by then I’d been waiting for months so it wasn’t an impulse buy and the last time I didn’t have a pair of booties (my old ones gave up and died like a year ago) and basically, long story short, I convinced myself I should get them, lol.

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