E.L.F. ‘Miss’ List

Hi All!

Quite a few weeks ago I wrote about my huge E.L.F. Haul! And now here’s the ‘anti-post’, in a sense, which is my ‘Miss’ List! The opposite of the wishlist I’ve done before =)

There was actually a bunch of other things I really wanted to get with the  60% discount but they were completely sold out! So depressing, I guess  that’s what happens when a really good sale is on.

I might not  actually get these once they’re re-stocked, just because it was a way  better deal with the 60% and I’m less inclined to try some of these out  without the discount but here’s my E.L.F. miss-list anyway. It’s a  miss-list because it’s not exactly a wishlist, it’s just a list of  products that I’m sad I missed =(

untitled (8)

Daily Brush Cleanser
– Another genius idea of a product, I could really use something like this, I do not clean my brushes as often as I should.

Brush Shampoo
– Cheapest brush shampoo ever, although I hear baby shampoo would do as well?

Mineral Face Primer
– I’ve always wanted to experiment with a face primer and I thought this would be an ideal start.

Stipple Brush
– I’ve also been wanting to experiment with a stipple brush for awhile  now and thought it would have been the ideal cheap method to trying it  out before getting a good, proper one.

Three-Tip Eye Liner
– 3 Tips?? Apparently this isn’t an E.L.F. invention but their version of a much more expensive 3-tip that came out some time ago. Still, I was  quite intrigued! Kind of wish I could have tried it.

Eyelid Primer
– Apparently it works wonders for stopping your eye makeup from budging  or smudging (2 problems I have) but sadly the only colour they had left  was in bright champagne, which I did not want.

Makeup Set Mist
– Apparently it makes your makeup just Stay On, which sounds like a great promise to me.

100 Eye Makeup Palettes
– Right, I didn’t really ‘miss’ these as they were still in stock but I  decided I don’t need them, and I don’t really. But for those out there  who want to play with eye colours, please please get these are they’re  such a steal for the price!

And that’s all from me! What products were you eyeing from E.L.F. that you haven’t had a chance to try out yet? =D

Any other E.L.F. lovers here? =D

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