Amazing Christmas Beauty Box Deal

Hello Lovelies!

Christmas is inching ever closer, it’s finally December and those of you with Advent Calendars must be rejoicing as you finally get to start opening those exciting little drawers.

Ultimate Beauty Christmas Gift!

I spotted an amazing beauty box deal on IWantOneofThose, a site full of random, quirky and fun gifting ideas. To be honest I didn’t realise they did much beauty things but this is the second time I’ve spotted a beauty box deal on their site and they tend to team up with existing beauty box companies offer the old boxes on a deal, usually 3 for 2, which is a great bargain! The ones on offer this time is the Look Fantastic beauty boxes, the Christmas 2015 series which, if you weren’t aware, runs October, November and finally December.

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Bargain Clinique Freebie with Glamour Mag [Christmas Stocking Fillers?]

Hey All!

Been awhile since I’ve done a nice round-up of monthly beauty mag freebies but one caught my eye the other day that I couldn’t resist posting (the offer is that good). Now the Clinique X Glamour mag freebies seem to come around roughly once a year (I’ve blogged about it last year as well), I picked up a chubby stick and my favourite moisturiser (convenient travel size!) last time and really loved them, there some great freebies this year as well including:

Clinique X Glamour 2015

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Valentine’s Extra Post – Free Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts

Uh-oh, it’s afternoon on Valentine’s Day and you still haven’t got anything for that significant other???

Surprise Face!


Not to worry because I’ve an emergency extra post today, just for you 😉

But first, spare a second to note my all-time favourite kitty picture…

Anyway, on with the Valentine’s freebies!

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GGUGGG – Present Presentation

Happy Day Before Christmas Eve!

It’s time for another Gift Guide for the Un-Gifted in Gift-Giving post!

Can I call it Christmas Eve Eve? But then where does it stop??

Anyway, at this point I’m guessing you’ve either got all your presents sorted or you’re giving up (or you’re going with the ingenious idea of subscription boxes that I mentioned yesterday!).

If you’ve actually got everything all together (whow, I’m impressed, since I’m away for Christmas I’m actually going to be giving some people presents after the New Year… is that terrible of me?) then now’s the time to worry about presentation! See what I did there? Punny, eh? 😉

But wait a minute!!! After spending hours worrying, considering, thinking and finally buying the presents… now we’ve got to wrap them?! Even when it’s going to end up like this anyway:

Unwrapped Christmas Presents

Time to cry over the hours spent wrapping…

Actually, no!

Forgot wrapping, I hardly ever wrap anything. By ‘Present Presentation’ I mean, well, ‘presenting’, especially in a way that will avoid any wrapping whatsoever. Because if you’re like me and like to tear the wrapping off (peeling it off cautiously and saving it is just… un-fun) then wrapping presents just leads to waste-generation.
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GGUGGG – Last Minute Gifts You Can Still Get!!!

Happy Sunday!

Wait, it’s Sunday the 22nd, the day before the day before Christmas Eve and you still haven’t sorted out all those presents?! =O

That’s okay, I totally feel ya.

Thing is, this is where online shopping fails us, as it just won’t get to you in time (even if a retailer says it can get to you by tomorrow, don’t risk it, what if it doesn’t?! how embarrassing to explain would that be??).

So there’s no choice, you’ll have to get wrapped up and head out to Christmas shop, facing the cold and, even worse, crazy hordes of late-minute Christmas shoppers who are as equally frenetic and desperate as you are… or do you?

If you’re in this predicament and wondering if there’s a good way out of this mess while still delivering a great Christmas present, I’m here to give you your answer in this latest instalment of wonderfully named gift-guide series: Gift Guide for the Un-Gifted in Gift Giving, or GGUGGG =D

Ah, that elusive perfect Christmas Gift...

Ah, that elusive perfect Christmas Gift again… you can still get it!!!

What is this gift that you can buy from the comfort of your own home, will be a lovely gift anyone would love to get, will be delivered instantly and don’t even require wrapping in most cases? The answer’s so simple you just might give yourself a bonk on the head with a giant candy cane…

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