Monday Munchies – Free McDonalds!

Happy Monday everyone,

Sorry for the lack of Monday munchies recently. I’m capitalising on the extra time this Bank Holiday to hurriedly post more and also try to do a buffer of posts so you’ll hopefully get some more regular updates throughout this week =) Anyway, great deal that I spotted (and used yesterday, in fact, yay for free fries!) is a promotion from McDonalds that’ll get you a free voucher for some free McDonalds food and there’s also a promo on the McDonalds app for a free iced drink.

I love the McDonalds app by the way, it’s simple and non-instrusive on your phone but they tend to have loads of freebie offers on it (there’s usually free iced drinks in summer and hot drinks in the more wintery months) so always worth checking out. The current one on is one where you need to sing a song back to the app (lol…) and that will get you a free summer drink. If you don’t fancy singing, don’t worry, here’s another way to get free McDonalds.

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Couple of Great Gift Card Deals – Tesco and Starbucks Half Off

UPDATE: The Tesco Gift Card deal has been renewed for another 7 days =)

Hello All!

Today’s post is not beauty-related at all I’m afraid but they are offers that I believe are intensely practical for absolutely anybody!

First off, we have the Tesco Gift Card offer, this is by Mighty Deals and you basically can buy a £10 Tesco Gift card from them for just £5, this is basically you saving 50% on food here, which I love, because we all need to eat, right? I personally do half of my weekly shop at Tesco and I’m psyched about this (lol, sounds sad, I know) if it was a Boots one I’d be even happier haha. Sadly only one per customer but get your family to get some and spread the word round to friends as well!

Tesco 10 for 5 Voucher

Worth noting that this deal expires in just over a day, so do-do-do snap this up if you’re at all interested. If you never ever shop at Tesco and for some reason would never consider doing so, ignore this of course, but if you shop there even once a month, get this, because the gift card only expires 5 years after you purchase it. Even if you only pop in for the occasional meal deal, this is an investment!

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Monday Munchies – Free Yo Sushi Handroll, Warburtons Bread and McDonald’s Iced Smoothie

Happy Monday lovelies!

This is going to have to be short because I’m writing this late Sunday night (early Monday morning?) but I’m flying off to Singapore again Monday afternoon (for a variety of reasons, ostensibly a friend’s wedding this Saturday). Am only gone a week this time so it feels a bit of a rushed trip and there’s so much going on in London too at the moment >_< eep! But anyhoo, on to the freebies, the best of which I think has to be the free sushi handroll from Y0 Sushi!

Sushi has got to be one of my absolute favourite foods in the world but it’s not exactly cheap, dilemma! So free sushi or sushi at a discount or even just sushi buffets (the boyfriend and I are a big fan of the Hi Sushi all you can eat buffets!) are always extremely welcome. To cut the long story short, YO! Sushi has teamed up with the Japan National Tourism Organization, ANA and some fantastic hotels in Japan to give away two great prize trips to Japan and they’re holding a giveaway which also has lots of runner-up prizes. What I’m interested in, though, is that regardless of whether you win or not, you’ll get an email with a code to claim an entirely free sushi handroll!! =D

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Monday Munchies – Gin and Tonic, Kozel Beer and Cookie Crisp

Good Morning Everyone!

And it’s another Monday, goodness the weeks just fly by. So here’s another Monday Munchies, although it’s more like ‘drinkies’ than munchies today, says a lot about your week if you feel you need to kick it off with a pint or a G & T doesn’t it? Haha. Although the weather’s been lovely so it’s a great time to get a pint in the sun after work or Pimms on the grass. Speaking of which, some of us did an impromptu picnic in Regent’s Park after church yesterday, it was so relaxing, highly recommended. But anyway, lots of free food and drink vouchers for you today, including pints of Kozel Beer, Gin and Tonic and some money off vouchers for Cookie Crisp cereal =D

First of all, Kozel Beer, which I must admit to not having heard of but it is a voucher for 2 free pints which sounds nice, you can bring a friend along! Apparently it’s the Czech’s best selling premium lager, worth a try if it’s free. To get your’s you first need to download the Kozel Pint Finder app which you can find here, then you need to open that app (duh) and it’ll show you the locations of the pubs near you that offer the deal. You can also find a list of participating pubs here.

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Raise – The Impulse Shopping Campaign

Hello lovelies!

A couple weeks ago I got notified of an exciting campaign that I feel really hit at some of the core messages I try to spread on this blog, that was the ‘Impulse Shopping Compaign’ by Raise. No, it’s not a campaign to encourage you to impulse shop =P Quite the opposite! It’s trying to raise awareness of the ways marketing can ‘trick’ consumers into impulse buys that you end up regretting, something I highlighted loads in my article about how to shop sales smart.


Well, Raise has the same idea and in one of their blog-posts they highlight the fact that flash-sales and flash-sale sites or coupon sites (such as Groupon or Secret Sales) sometimes end up costing you more because you feel pressured to buy something now and end up making an impulse buy that you end up regretting or realising you didn’t need. Bottom line with all sales (remember this!) is that if you wouldn’t have bought the item anyway, then you shouldn’t buy it at sale price. Yes, even if it’s a £10 pair of designer shoes that have been reduced from £500, because if secretly you think they’re hideous and wouldn’t wear them, put that £10 towards something pricier but prettier! The only exception to that is if the item is at such a low price that you’d be as happy throwing that money in the bin.

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