Haircare Freebies – Pantene Expert Age Defy and Garnier Ultimate Blends

Hello pretty people!

I’ve spotted a couple of haircare/shampoo freebies that I felt didn’t really justify their own posts (they’re not really mail-order-request ones, which I think are fabulous and could write about all day) so I’m lumping them together into one post. So think of it as a ‘double digest’ where you get to find out about how you can get some free samples of Pantene Expert Age Defy and Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner.

So let’s start with Garnier Ultimate Blends, it’s the latest haircare range from Garnier which is meant to be tailored for a variety of hair needs/concerns, although what has most caught my eye is the nourishing damage-repair range (the images just all lean towards a nourishing feel too, don’t they?). By the way, they only cost about £3.50-ish at Boots and there’s a half price offer on them now at Boots too so if you like your sample pop down to buy one!

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Free L’Oreal Products with the L’Oreal Beauty Boxes Club!

Hello Lovelies!

As the title suggests, today’s post is going to be about the new L’Oreal Beauty Boxes Club, which is a review panel of L’Oreal products and also a great way for us to nab some free L’Oreal beauty and skincare 😉 But first… let me rant (lol). I had a nightmare start to the day on Monday morning… it was church on Sunday, then a farewell dinner to a dear friend who’s leaving us to work in Canada, then a late meeting from 10pm till past midnight (severely overran!), then I had a lot of packing to do pre-filming on Monday and then I had to be up at 6am to catch my train out to the studios for 7… I don’t do mornings well, I thought I was going to miss my train and be terribly late so I was praying and running at the same time. Thank God I somehow got there early?! Modern-day miracle =P Not that I like to use the word ‘miracle’ lightly but you know what I mean.

Miraculously (yep, am going to use it again!) I ended work early on Monday afternoon but once I got home I was utterly knocked out till early evening. Am typing this now and am facing a very long day tomorrow but can still find things to be thankful for: (a) this blog, (b) you guys, (c) free L’Oreal hehe and (d) God. Even if you don’t agree with me on (a), (b) or (d) I’m sure everyone’s with me on (c), amright? 😉

L'Oréal Paris product box
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Deal Alert – £25 Beauty Treatment for £5

Hello Pretties!

Here’s a great deal to start off your weekend 😉 basically, buy any Proskin Sensitive or Venus & Olay  product from a Superdrug and you get a free pamper treatment =D

I’ve to credit MoneySavingExpert for spotting this because while I have seen this deal around in Superdrug, it’s MSE that’s brought my attention to the fact that from now till Tuesday the 11th of May the new Venus & Olay Sugarberry razors are only £5.48! Which makes what would’ve been a good deal a really fantastic deal!!

Venus & Olay Sugarberry Razor

Of course, if you read this after the 11th of March, you can still pop down to Superdrug and get any Proskin Sensitive or Venus & Olay  product, the offer itself is good till 31st May, it just won’t be as good of a deal, haha.

I’d say, if you like using one of the products anyway, it’s probably worth treating yourself a couple of times with this, otherwise do try and get your razor before Tuesday the 11th because then you can see it as buying an uber-cheap pampering treatment with a free razor on the side.

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Budget Asian Drugstore Mini-Haul

Happy Sunday Everybody!

I’m not sure if you’ve realised but I’m trying to have a good balance of ‘beauty’-type posts (ie. reviews, hauls, etc.) and ‘freebie’ type posts (ie. samples, deals, sales, etc.). Just out of curiosity, what do you prefer??

It’s extra-hard to plan ahead on this blog because I never know what new freebie is going to pop up tomorrow and I swear I’ve a ton of products I’ve used and done hauls about and promised to review that are now no longer products but are ’empties’ (yep, been that long…), one day this backlog of reviews will come flooding in.

Anyway! Let me know 🙂 But for now, haul time!

It’s a teeny-weeny haul but I’m excited to share it because all the items were on my wishlist for 2014, I’m ticking through it pretty fast and also being quite good in not veering off it (which is what a wishlist is for!), makes me feel ‘productive’, haha, cheap thrills.

I guess it’s also a small haul because there’s just so much that fascinates me in an Asian drugstore (because I haven’t been in one for  very, very long) that I know if I let myself go I’m gonna come home with a ton of random stuff, so I’m being very strict on following that wishlist!

Asian Drugstore Mini-Haul Feb 2014

It really is a mini-haul isn’t it!!!

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