Hakone, Japan – Soak Your Cares Away

Hello Everyone!

I believe I’ve mentioned a couple times how much I loved going to Japan for our honeymoon, it’s already been a whole year since that time so I know I’ve a lot of catching up to do blogging wise (I’ve been on 2 trips already since then, eep) but I thought I’d just write about my absolute most favourite part of our honeymoon to Japan (and of all the trips I’ve ever taken to Japan) – our stay at an onsen ryokan in Hakone.

We stayed at Musashino Bekan, a very traditional style Japanese inn. It was my very first time in a ryokan and in an onsen! Now, onsens are hot spring baths and are typically separated by gender as you have to go in absolutely nude. Being kind of shy, my husband and I decided to really splash out and book a suite which meant we had our own little private onsen outside of our room!

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Dating in the 70’s

Hello everyone,

After my last couple of posts about cheap or free dates, I thought I’d do something entirely different and write about how dating was like in the 70’s. Not that I was around myself in the 70’s but my parents and my in-laws were, and I’ve heard so much cute little stories about how they got around everything that we take for granted today!

There was No Internet

The internet is relatively recent, in that the majority of the population today can remember a time when it wasn’t widespread and wasn’t a part of daily life, unlike what it is now. But even though I can remember a time of dial-up connection and of basic websites, everything took off so fast from then that while I can remember, I absolutely can’t imagine what my life today would be without it!

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3 Cheap London Date Ideas

Hello Lovelies!

In my previous post I wrote about free London and City date ideas, for this one we’re going to look at cheap date ideas, so ones that aren’t completely free but would only set you back by a fiver at most. As with the post before, all of these ideas are things I’ve done with my husband (although at the time he was my boyfriend and then fiance) and these are all activities we really enjoyed and keep going back to.

1) Ride the Emirates Cable Car

Where else can you get a cable car ride with stunning views of the city for just £3.40? To be very honest, I’ve been on both the London Eye and the Emirates Cable Car and if I had to choose, price aside, I’d choose the cable car ride any day. Both had stunning views and while the London Eye lasted longer, I would say it lasted far too long and got boring way before you finished even half of your trip up. Something about a cable car ride just made it exciting all the way through! I’d recommend it once in the day time and another time in the evening, as the views are so different.

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3 Free London (City) Date Ideas

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been quiet for awhile, I’ve been beavering away on a few posts that will be out soon, including one about our honeymoon in Japan (which happened last year, I’m really late on this!) and another about a recent family cruise we took to Scandinavia.

After the popularity of my couple of posts about true love stories (inspired by the almost-too-strange stories of the couples around me) which you can read here and here, I thought I’d do a post about dating in London! The understatement of the year would be – London’s a pretty expensive place. Perhaps it’s the same for any city in the UK really! The temptation is there to just stay home and watch tv because it feels like even sticking your toe out of doors costs you something (remember when a bus ride in London was 80p and now it’s gone up 50% to £1.20??). But even so, there’s plenty of date ideas you can take advantage of that takes you out and will cost you nothing! Okay… maybe it’ll cost you transport.

1) Visit a Museum

The UK is great in that there are a ton of free museums, which is no accidental thing. All national museums were made free as of 2001 and as of 2011 there were over 50 free museums in the UK!

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