More Love Stories

Hi Everyone!

So carrying on from the last post, I’ve had some feedback that people loved the real love stories, the top 2 favourites were about my crazy cross-cultural country-hopping friends and my aunt who almost unwittingly rejected a proposal from a man who flew across half the world to see her.

Last week I wrote about how important it is to widen your social circle if you’re looking for a relationship and the different ways people do that, from investing in hobbies to have regular social gatherings like religious gatherings to using services like dating sites that can slot into your daily routine. Today we’ll take a closer look at the different dating service types there are out there because ever since the advent of the internet and smartphones, technology has really changed the way we engage with everything by tenfold, especially other people. Of course, I’ll be sprinkling the post with lots more real love stories from people I know, I’ve really enjoyed writing about this and hope you’ve liked reading it too!

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More About Love – Where Did You Find It?

Hello Everyone!

So, after last week’s rambly post where I went on about my first love (spoiler: not that exciting, it’s books), I thought I’d actually properly address love.

I got married last year, I’d been with my husband (then fiance and before boyfriend) for 5 and a half years before we got married. It’s such an over-used cliche to say this but – he’s honestly my best friend and the one person I’d chose to be stranded on a desert island with… well, him and maybe Bear Grylls. Okay, forget the desert island, has anyone watched Passengers (starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt)? Well, my husband would be the one person I’d choose to be stranded on that spaceship with! But how we met was quite a coincidence and also a little bit silly (on a Jack the Ripper tour, that I was running, for church) and I always think – what if we hadn’t met? It would literally have been so easy not to have met.

Literally all my single friends who are looking for love have the same complaint – how do they meet new people? Because let’s face it, once you’re out of school/uni and if you’re in a regular 9-to-5 then you’ll seeing the same people every day and you simply won’t meet anyone new. Which means, if you’re actively looking for a life partner and don’t do any activities that expose you to making new friends constantly, that person is most likely going to come from the pool of people you know now. Think awhile of the people you know now: friends, friends of friends, colleagues – if there’s no one you’d think you’d hit it off with, then you need to do something to expand your circle.

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My First Love

Okay, straight up, I love books.

It’s funny that I haven’t talked about this more on my blog before but more than makeup, skincare, fashion – in fact, while I really writing about those things, none of that actually comes close to how much I love reading. The next best thing would be food, I also love food and that’s a close second to how much I love reading. Growing up, I was such a little nerd that I even got ‘bullied’ for it (but being a really oblivious nerd, I actually didn’t even realise I was being bullied!! Hence why I wrote the word bullied in little quotation marks, I guess it doesn’t really count then?).  So, basically, this post is just a happy-feely declaration of my love for books.

I had thick little glasses from age 7, I would always carry a book around and bookstores would be my number one store to zoom to given the choice. Once, my dad bought me so many books, we had to hide them under my bed from my mum, because she thought I already had too many (too many?! impossible concept). Every time the exams rolled around, I was banned from reading because I’d get so sucked into a book I wouldn’t study at all. This is all quite strange as I think I learnt to read pretty late. I can remember learning to read, I think I was 5? My mum started to read me all these Peter and Jane books (anyone else remember them?). It was like a new world opened up to me and all these squiggly symbols suddenly made sense! For a little girl who spent most of her days alone (I had no siblings and both of my parents worked), reading meant I was always in good company.

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Boots Summer Deals 2017

Hey Everyone!

Summer’s drawing to a quick close and for once, I think I really enjoyed the hot weather. I’m really not a hot weather kind of person (cue gasps and people declaring that they can’t be my friend anymore… seriously, that’s actually happened to me), I love Autumn and Winter and I think one reason I don’t really enjoy summer (apart from me being allergic to heat, that’s a thing right?) is me not knowing how to dress for the heat. This year I really made a effort to plan a summer wardrobe that I enjoyed wearing (with lots of help from Everything5Pounds haha) and I’m actually hoping for at least 1 more week of hot weather before it’s time to put the summer stuff away and take out all the cold weather clothes. It’s honestly never happened to me before!

Whoops, went on a bit of a ramble there. That whole thing was a prelude to me trying to say that the best part of summer is upon us and that is the – SUMMER SALES. I’m a huge fan of saving money (which is what this blog is all about), about not paying full price and also about only buying what you need. Which is where the Boots Summer Clearance sale comes in because, if you’re anything like me (and we’re probably alike, otherwise we wouldn’t be so into beauty/skincare that we read/write blogs about it!) Boots is probably the place where you’re tempted to pop in for on thing and emerge with half the store.

£5 worth of points when you spend £35 in store*

If that’s not enough, on top of the sale, there’s also a points event going on!

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£2.50 Dress Haul!

Hi Everyone!

Another quick-fire post on Everything 5 Pounds, my last post was about their £1.99 sale (which I nabbed loads of items at, I think I returned about half of them but kept half as well, I’ll do a review post one day).

For a limited time only (just a DAY apparently but they do tend to extend these offers, they’re having an amazing half price dress sale. So half off of £5 means that these selected dresses are £2.50.


Click here to jump straight to the sale or read on to see what half price dress picks I personally bought from the sale and what I liked/didn’t like.

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