Valentine’s Extra Post – Free Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts

Uh-oh, it’s afternoon on Valentine’s Day and you still haven’t got anything for that significant other???

Surprise Face!


Not to worry because I’ve an emergency extra post today, just for you 😉

But first, spare a second to note my all-time favourite kitty picture…

Anyway, on with the Valentine’s freebies!

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Makeup Emergency – MUA Lippies to the Rescue

Hi there!

So, I have something of a funny post today about a makeup emergency that happened to me while I was in Berlin. It’s slightly embarrassing but I’ll look at it optimistically as an instance of my innovative in a pinch and go ahead to blog about it anyway!

Firstly though, remember what the MUA Mattes look like? Here’s a refresher just in case.

MUA Matte Lipsticks!

MUA Matte Lipsticks!

Basically what happened was that I had very carefully packed my makeup and skincare, we were travelling budget (Ryanair) so didn’t have any check-in luggage, that meant we could only bring 10 items of liquid each and not more than 100ml per item. I managed to get the boyfriend to carry some of my bath/body items (since we were going to share them as he’s too lazy to bring his own… men eh?) but as for makeup I had to separate my liquid and non liquids carefully.

So there I was, one bag full of lipsticks, mascara, lip gloss and foundation. Plus a separate pouch for dry stuff like powder eyeshadow, powder blush, eyeliner, brushes and eyelash-curler. It was only when I’d reached Germany and unpacked that I realised I’d been so worried about the liquids bag that I hadn’t packed the pouch. It was sitting on my dining table back in London feeling all lonesome bad forgotten… which it had been.

I guess I could have resigned myself to just foundation and lips that whole trip but part of me revolted only because I’d packed so carefully I thought that’d be a huge waste! So these were the products I used to create a whole faceful of makeup that trip:

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GGUGGG – Last Minute Gifts You Can Still Get!!!

Happy Sunday!

Wait, it’s Sunday the 22nd, the day before the day before Christmas Eve and you still haven’t sorted out all those presents?! =O

That’s okay, I totally feel ya.

Thing is, this is where online shopping fails us, as it just won’t get to you in time (even if a retailer says it can get to you by tomorrow, don’t risk it, what if it doesn’t?! how embarrassing to explain would that be??).

So there’s no choice, you’ll have to get wrapped up and head out to Christmas shop, facing the cold and, even worse, crazy hordes of late-minute Christmas shoppers who are as equally frenetic and desperate as you are… or do you?

If you’re in this predicament and wondering if there’s a good way out of this mess while still delivering a great Christmas present, I’m here to give you your answer in this latest instalment of wonderfully named gift-guide series: Gift Guide for the Un-Gifted in Gift Giving, or GGUGGG =D

Ah, that elusive perfect Christmas Gift...

Ah, that elusive perfect Christmas Gift again… you can still get it!!!

What is this gift that you can buy from the comfort of your own home, will be a lovely gift anyone would love to get, will be delivered instantly and don’t even require wrapping in most cases? The answer’s so simple you just might give yourself a bonk on the head with a giant candy cane…

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A Different Sort of Review – Fu Manchu Complex, a play on at the Ovalhouse

Hello all!

This weekend, I’ve a very different sort of review for you all today because it’s a review for an amazing play that I saw yesterday =)

Actually, typing this up is going to do nothing in helping me preserve my anonymity online (which, if you haven’t guessed already, is something I’m trying really hard to do! What with pen-names and vague references and all that). BUT even if this review reaches just 50 people and only 2 of those 50 go to see this play, that will feel extremely worth the effort to me. That’s how much I value this show!

So, anyway, on with the review!

On Thursday night I had a couple of tickets to the press night of Fu Manchu Complex, written by the extremely talented Daniel York and produced by Moongate Productions (along with Ovalhouse and Mark Cartwright). If any of you readers out there are familiar with the UK theatre scene at all, very recently there was a huge hoo-ha (‘hoo-ha’, not a word I get to use often, hurrah) recently over the RSC’s casting of ‘The Orphan of Zhao’, a Chinese play that was controversially cast with an almost all-Caucasian cast (except the role of the maid and the dog, which had Chinese actors…). This led to a seminal event, the Opening the Door event/debate where East Asians practitioners gathered to discuss the situation in the London, where of all ethnicities the East Asian one seems to make up the largest sector of under-represented minority ethnic groups.

untitled (16)

Now, I won’t go too much into this because that’s a whole post in itself and I know not many of you are here to read about the socio-economical reasons why the above is so! But I thought I’d add that paragraph of background in because it’s quite relevant and important to the review about the play itself!

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Box of Awesome – a non-beauty deal alert + review

Hello lovely people =)

I’m sure everyone has heard of Beauty Boxes? Think, Glossy Box or Birch Box or the various sample boxes different companies have come up with. I’m sure we’re all familiar with what the concept entails: you order a box and when it arrives it’ll contain say 5 to 8 random/surprise beauty samples that will definitely be above the value of the box that you paid for!

All fine and good for the beauty world. But has anyone heard of the Awesome Box???

untitled (10)

As noted in the title, this is completely not beauty related, the only vague link it has to beauty would be that this is about receiving a box of random stuff, admittedly that’s a very tenuous link, it’s like saying a football and a tube of lipstick have something in common because they both come in a carrier bag when you buy them. Wait, does either of those even come in a carrier bag necessarily? Whoops! That’s how tenuous that link was!!!

Anyway, so what is the Box of Awesome I hear you asking?

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