Quick Alert – 50% off Very Exclusive with AModelRecommends, today only!

An uber quick one for you guys, just spotted the amazing 50% off code for Very Exclusive for A Model Recommends readers (I can’t recommend (see what I did there?) that blog enough, I’m a huge fan!). 
Would be incredibly rude of me to post that code on my own blog so please head on over to the AMR blog here to find the code as well as Ruth’s top picks for the sales (converse for £25?! Yes please!!). 

By the by, Very Exclusive do designer clothes, shoes, accessories but also beauty, so if you’ve been eyeing some new skincare or need to restock, now’s the time! 



B. Skincare and Makeup Half Off at Superdrug

Happy Bank Holiday!

As if kicking off the weekend with points events from both Boots and Superdrug wasn’t enough, there’s also a great half off sale on all B. range products at Superdrug, hurrah.

B. Discover premium  beauty, made easy.

To be honest, I’ve never ever tried anything from the B. range before but they have been on my radar for a good while because Jane Cunningham from BritishBeautyBlogger has done some work with them and rates the range highly (I think if someone like Jane who has access to tons of beauty brands rates something highly, surely it’s worth checking out?). In fact, I see she has a post up about the half off sale already and she also has some recommendations, read it here.

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Boots and Superdrug Points Events this Bank Holiday Weekend!

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry for another long period of silence, however I’m back with good news, which is a points event from both Boots and Superdrug coming up this Bank Holiday weekend! I’ve honestly been feeling that Boots hasn’t had a points event in way too long, it’s usually customary that they have a great summer one but nothing this year *le sigh* so it’s a treat to have events from both mega-drugstores now.

First up, the Boots event.

As you can see, this is an online only event with a minimum spend of £50 or more. To be honest, the online only requirement doesn’t bug me out, since you get free delivery to your home once you hit £45 anyway (so you don’t have to spend more on delivery). If you really want your items now, as long as you order by 6pm you get to pick it up at your nearest store by noon the next day, so that’s also fine by me. Also, the selection online would tend to be tons better (just a bummer you can’t swatch things but you can do that at your local store before ordering). But there is one thing that makes me feel the Superdrug event this weekend trumps the Boots one…

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Couple of Great Gift Card Deals – Tesco and Starbucks Half Off

UPDATE: The Tesco Gift Card deal has been renewed for another 7 days =)

Hello All!

Today’s post is not beauty-related at all I’m afraid but they are offers that I believe are intensely practical for absolutely anybody!

First off, we have the Tesco Gift Card offer, this is by Mighty Deals and you basically can buy a £10 Tesco Gift card from them for just £5, this is basically you saving 50% on food here, which I love, because we all need to eat, right? I personally do half of my weekly shop at Tesco and I’m psyched about this (lol, sounds sad, I know) if it was a Boots one I’d be even happier haha. Sadly only one per customer but get your family to get some and spread the word round to friends as well!

Tesco 10 for 5 Voucher

Worth noting that this deal expires in just over a day, so do-do-do snap this up if you’re at all interested. If you never ever shop at Tesco and for some reason would never consider doing so, ignore this of course, but if you shop there even once a month, get this, because the gift card only expires 5 years after you purchase it. Even if you only pop in for the occasional meal deal, this is an investment!

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Free Loom Band Twister Kit via TopCashBack

Hi Sweethearts and Happy Sunday!

So, the world seems to have jumped onboard this loom-band trend, I’ve completely failed to catch that bandwagon, much less get onto it, mainly because I’m absolutely terrible at anything to do with hands and crafts and the like. On the other hand, when I was home for a visit last month my little cousins and my aunts were all huddled over a loom-band learning how to make their first bracelet… yes, even my aunts, I felt hideously left out! Anyway, those of you that are up for this craze and/or want in on it, I’ve got a sweet deal for you this Sunday and that’s a free Loom Band Twister kit from The Works and courtesy of TopCashBack!

I’ve definitely mentioned TopCashBack deals before, the last one I flagged up was a free Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm courtesy of Miss Budget Beauty, that was a great freebie, wasn’t it? BUT I do have to highlight that such freebies are usually only for new TopCashBack members so please be careful before ordering, because if you already have an account and try for this freebie, then you won’t get the cashback, obviously, but by then it’ll be too late. Same for this loom-band freebie, so if you want it you’ll need to open a new account first (maybe for a family member/friend?).

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