Penny for Your Thoughts – Wishlist 2014!

Helloooo Everyone!

Thanks to my Christmas in Vegas and New Year’s in San Francisco  I seem to have totally missed out on doing those ever-popular ‘2013 Favourites’ type of posts… I’ve been totally enjoying watching/reading 2013 favourites posts/vlogs though! I think those are top on my list of favourite beauty-related topics right now, it’s wonderful in general to get to see what other people are using and loving but this is like getting a huge bumper edition of it!!

And what I really love the most about reading loads of ‘favourites’ posts is that you can see where some products are loved over and over and that really is a testament to how good they definitely are…

Thanks to that, however, I’ve got the urge to write a whole new wishlist, lol.

Wish List

If you’ll remember, my last wishlist was way back last September and I’m a huge advocate of constantly going back to your wishlist and updating it: checking off stuff you have, crossing out stuff you don’t want any more and (of course) my favourite, adding stuff to it! Trust me, especially during sales times it makes shopping a doozy, it means you come home with a haul you utterly love and not one you fell guilty or dissatisfied over!

So, without further ado, here’s my whole new wishlist for 2014! It’s pretty fun to check back to my old wishlist and compare the two, hehe…

1) MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Reckless

Like last time, I’m starting out with a lip product! I did actually get my hands on a Rimmel Apocalypse for cheap (yay eBay…) and I did love it but… after my recent success with the great £1 MUA Matte Lipsticks (great colour, great hold) I think I know just where to look for that perfect true red lipstick I’m still searching for. Sadly my last MUA haul from Bristol included every Velvet Lip Lacquer except Reckless, which they were all out of, but it’s up there on my list of things to look out for!

2) UGG Shezbie Boots in Black

Spotted these on AModelRecommends and at first was completely turned off by the £195 price tag… but it’s down to £135 now in the sales! Sadly, my size isn’t in stock but I’m going to be monitoring these boots and I know one day they’ll be more affordable (a girl can dream!). They just seem like the perfect heels, comfy, high-heeled and probably good to be paired for smart-casual and casual outfits. I can see myself wearing them in every season too, except summer of course. The Savoie boots are looking amazing too but, eep, they’re about £100 more expensive?! =S

By the way, I never did get that floaty, summery dress but I did do a great Boxing Day Haul at Macy’s that included some amazing dresses, so look out for a post on that soon!

3) Kiko Skin Trainer Serum

In fact, let’s just say I want a trip to the Kiko store in Regent’s Street, haha, even if just to gawk at everything! I know they’ve amazing prices for some great makeup products in general, sad thing is I can’t really say I need any particular product right now (except that true red lipstick… but I’m looking to MUA for that). I heard this serum is a great ‘wake-up’ for the skin in the morning, which is exactly what I’m looking for for those days I need to really rev-up and go-go-go! So this’ll be my excuse to pop round to Kiko one day…

4) L’Oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint

My last foundation I bought was way back in summer and it just finished so I feel justified in getting another one!! Well, this shouldn’t really be on the wishlist because I already bought it just yesterday (hehe) but technically it’s something I want for 2014 so… this comes with SPF and has a lotion consistency with a great powder finish!

5) Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Okay, heard so much about this and with my oily/combination skin deep-cleansing is a big concern for me so I’m a huge exfoliation buff! I actually have tried the Paula’s Choice BHA since my last list and am currently on the Lierac High Peel I got from Farmaline but am just so intrigued by the Liquid Gold fame. There’s some great deals on it now too, should I…?

6) Essential Damage Hair Care Mask + Serum

My hair’s been undergoing some major split ends recently! Thankfully I went for a long-overdue haircut the other day but I know it needs some proper pampering and care before I next dye it. I’ll be back in Asia in February and March and have heard a lot about the Essential Damage Control range from a host of Asia-based beauty bloggers, so am looking forward to trying it out when I’m there!

7) Biore Makeup Removal Cotton Pads

Like the above, an Asia-based brand but I’ve also heard great things about it! It’s makeup remover cotton pads, which is kinda like facial wipes but, er, not really? Like you know how you soak a cotton pad with remover or micellar etc. to use it? Well, these come pre-soaked! Also another product I’ve heard raves about with a decent price point, so instead of lugging facial wipes or makeup remover back to Asia in Feb/March, I’ll be looking to try these when I’m there…

8) Clio Eyeliner

Sorry, another Asian brand! Since September I’ve been searching for that perfect, precision eyeliner and I’ve tried at least 3 eyeliner pens (that’s a lot for me since I usually target my shopping!) and still nothing leaps out to me as ‘amazing’. Either the brush is far too thick (and I’m like ‘how is this precision??’) or it smudges or it’s a ridiculously long brush (the currently one I’m using, the Calligraphy from Catrice, is ridiculously long). I recall the best ever precision eyeliner I ever used was from a Korean brand called Clio and when I’m in Asia I’m going to majorly hit it up and do a full-length review of it, I just hope it’s as good as I remember!

9) Mascara – L’Oreal Miss Manga or Benefit They’re Real

Ever on the search for a perfect mascara…. I’ve been good and since the L’Oreal Telescopic which I got last July I’ve only got 2 others, one from Catrice (which I absolutely love!) and one from Essence (which I’ve yet to properly try). Benefit’s They’re Real has intrigued me for awhile so I’m going to watch till it’s on a decent sale… L’Oreal’s Miss Manga is actually on a promotion right now but I kinda want to wait and see what reviews say before dipping in, anyone out there already tried it?

10) Concealer

I never did get the Maybelline Fit Me, perhaps I should, but I have tried the Catrice concealer palette and well… I think I need more coverage! I need recommendations for this one, any readers out there willing to recommend a really good concealer? =)

11) Hair Accessories

I’ve been putting my hair up a bit more recently, it makes people take me slightly more seriously (ok, you don’t know what I look like but basically I’m a little on the short side and tend to look a bit ‘young’), so I’m on the lookout for hugely long bobby pins, curly grips, perhaps some pretty clips to accessories with and also possibly a curling tong with a large diameter than the one I have now.

12) Pampering Bath Stuff

Always on the lookout for these! The Heathcote and Ivory Bathing Flowers look so tempting, or maybe something from Aromatherapy… this isn’t really a ‘need’ and I don’t even own my own bathtub so we’ll see, but one day when I do have my own tub I’ll be sure to also have an amazing bath cabinet that’s well-stocked with delightful bath goodies of every description!!

Right, that’s it for now! Quite a bit to work with! Everything else that was on my old wishlist I’ve either got (ie. the Real Techniques stuff!) or got a good replacement of (ie. never got the Rimmel Stay Matte but the Catrice Matte Powder is working amazingly well).

Share your wishlists with me! It’d be lovely to know what you have your eye on for 2014!



What’s your 2014 wishlist? =)

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12 thoughts on “Penny for Your Thoughts – Wishlist 2014!

  1. I found the Catrice concealer palette too cakey as I have dry skin. I love Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch. It’s a runny liquid but it is so pigmented it covers brilliantly without any thickness or heavy cakiness. It dries matt but not powdery.
    Two cheapy concealers would be same price as this one good one.
    Hope you get your boots.

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