Haircare Freebies – Pantene Expert Age Defy and Garnier Ultimate Blends

Hello pretty people!

I’ve spotted a couple of haircare/shampoo freebies that I felt didn’t really justify their own posts (they’re not really mail-order-request ones, which I think are fabulous and could write about all day) so I’m lumping them together into one post. So think of it as a ‘double digest’ where you get to find out about how you can get some free samples of Pantene Expert Age Defy and Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner.

So let’s start with Garnier Ultimate Blends, it’s the latest haircare range from Garnier which is meant to be tailored for a variety of hair needs/concerns, although what has most caught my eye is the nourishing damage-repair range (the images just all lean towards a nourishing feel too, don’t they?). By the way, they only cost about £3.50-ish at Boots and there’s a half price offer on them now at Boots too so if you like your sample pop down to buy one!

You can get an absolutely free sample of the Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner (sachet samples of course, not full sized!) in any of this month’s Asda magazines. The magazines themselves are entirely free too but you can only get them in-store at an Asda, which is what makes this freebie a little tedious especially if you live in Central London and miles away from any Asda (*cough*me*cough*). If there’s an Asda down your street though, definitely pop in and raid it of their Asda magazines! (rawrrrr)

Next, the Pantene Expert Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner, this is a new range by Pantene Expert that specifically aims to have your hair look 10 years younger. Surely this is relative though because I can’t imagine what would happen then if the claims are always true and you used it to shampoo a 10-year-old’s hair. Would they get new-born hair?!

Anyway, basically the range looks to thicken hair, reduce breakage, cure split ends, etc etc, what any good shampoo would do really (plus thickening).

SuperSavvyMe are doing instant prize giveaway draws for 10ml sachets of the shampoo and conditioner, all you need to do is enter at their website here. There’re 5000 prizes up for grabs and you can enter once a day! It’s an instant draw, meaning that you find out right away if you got it or not (that’s handy!) and if you haven’t, just bookmark the page and enter again tomorrow. It’ll be upon until 31st May and if you get it you’ll have your sample posted to you (hurrah).

Have you tried either of these haircare ranges?

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