Bank Holiday Sales!

Hello Lovelies!

Nothing beats a good deal/sale and somehow whenever it’s a Bank Holiday the stores all put out their best bargains, so if there’s anything you’ve been eyeing in particular or any purchases you’ve had on your wishlist, now’s the time to get them =)

I’ve rounded up the top Bank Holiday offers I’ve seen (there’s loads more out there, honestly I think almost every retailer has something going on even if it’s just free delivery or a 10% off), of course I always mention the caveat that you shouldn’t impulse buy even with a great offer on, only check things out if you’ve been eyeing them for awhile, other sales will lead to you losing out more than gaining!

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B. Skincare and Makeup Half Off at Superdrug

Happy Bank Holiday!

As if kicking off the weekend with points events from both Boots and Superdrug wasn’t enough, there’s also a great half off sale on all B. range products at Superdrug, hurrah.

B. Discover premium  beauty, made easy.

To be honest, I’ve never ever tried anything from the B. range before but they have been on my radar for a good while because Jane Cunningham from BritishBeautyBlogger has done some work with them and rates the range highly (I think if someone like Jane who has access to tons of beauty brands rates something highly, surely it’s worth checking out?). In fact, I see she has a post up about the half off sale already and she also has some recommendations, read it here.

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Boots and Superdrug Points Events this Bank Holiday Weekend!

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry for another long period of silence, however I’m back with good news, which is a points event from both Boots and Superdrug coming up this Bank Holiday weekend! I’ve honestly been feeling that Boots hasn’t had a points event in way too long, it’s usually customary that they have a great summer one but nothing this year *le sigh* so it’s a treat to have events from both mega-drugstores now.

First up, the Boots event.

As you can see, this is an online only event with a minimum spend of £50 or more. To be honest, the online only requirement doesn’t bug me out, since you get free delivery to your home once you hit £45 anyway (so you don’t have to spend more on delivery). If you really want your items now, as long as you order by 6pm you get to pick it up at your nearest store by noon the next day, so that’s also fine by me. Also, the selection online would tend to be tons better (just a bummer you can’t swatch things but you can do that at your local store before ordering). But there is one thing that makes me feel the Superdrug event this weekend trumps the Boots one…

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Free £2 to Spend at Superdrug (200 Superdrug Beauty Card Points)

Hey Lovelies!

This offer popped up in my inbox some time ago but as it’s still running I thought I’d heads-up it on the blog because it’s really a great deal… it’s basically a quick and simple offer to bag you 200 Superdrug Beauty Card points which translates to £2 to spend in Superdrug!

Now, £2 may not seem like a lot but here’s the thing… I’m a Boots Advantage Card fan through and through (lol), there’s just a lot more points events and vouchers at Boots that boosts your points to spend ratio and makes it so much more worth it shopping at Boots (of course, if something is cheaper somewhere else, you need to weigh up the pros and cons!). But there is one thing I always go to Superdrug for… MUA and Makeup Revolution! For some reason Boots just don’t stock these amazing budget brands. When you consider that a good lippie from MUA is about £1, so is a good powder blush, and an awesome eye palette from either brand is £4, then £2 is a lot, isn’t it? That’s like 2 free lipsticks on one of the eye palettes half off!

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Free Perfume – Ghost Eclipse Sample

Happy Sunday!

Sundays are always busy for me, what with church and our church being really tiny all of us are almost always doing something (ie. ushering, setting up, childcare etc) every other week just to keep the service ticking along. It’s nice in a way, like a large but still cosy family gathering, how I imagine it to be when the church was first set up and before too much rite and ritual was instilled into it? Today’s extra-busy as I’m also drumming so will be there from 9 in the morning till past 5pm I expect, hurrah (lol). But in any case, here’s a freebie fragrance sample that’s all about darkness becoming light (how biblical) – a free sample of the new Ghost Eclipse perfume by Ghost Fragrance.

Definitely a very pretty bottle! Ghost Eclipse, exclusive to Superdrug and the perfume shop, sounds a little confusing at first and to be honest I can’t quite imagine how it’ll smell like! Most perfumes are either girly/flirty/light or they’re womanly/sensual/heavy, if you know what I mean? A good example would be Britney Spear’s Naughty and Nice remixes of her Fantasy fragrance. But Ghost Eclipse seems to be claiming to be both at one and the same time, hence the name ‘Eclipse’ since an eclipse features the fusion of light and dark; hmmm, fascinating.

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