Free L’Oreal Products with the L’Oreal Beauty Boxes Club!

Hello Lovelies!

As the title suggests, today’s post is going to be about the new L’Oreal Beauty Boxes Club, which is a review panel of L’Oreal products and also a great way for us to nab some free L’Oreal beauty and skincare 😉 But first… let me rant (lol). I had a nightmare start to the day on Monday morning… it was church on Sunday, then a farewell dinner to a dear friend who’s leaving us to work in Canada, then a late meeting from 10pm till past midnight (severely overran!), then I had a lot of packing to do pre-filming on Monday and then I had to be up at 6am to catch my train out to the studios for 7… I don’t do mornings well, I thought I was going to miss my train and be terribly late so I was praying and running at the same time. Thank God I somehow got there early?! Modern-day miracle =P Not that I like to use the word ‘miracle’ lightly but you know what I mean.

Miraculously (yep, am going to use it again!) I ended work early on Monday afternoon but once I got home I was utterly knocked out till early evening. Am typing this now and am facing a very long day tomorrow but can still find things to be thankful for: (a) this blog, (b) you guys, (c) free L’Oreal hehe and (d) God. Even if you don’t agree with me on (a), (b) or (d) I’m sure everyone’s with me on (c), amright? 😉

L'Oréal Paris product box

So, as mentioned before, Beauty Box is L’Oreal’s new, exclusive reviewers panel. Like any other panel, this means that you’ll be sent free products to try and in return you’ll need to provide reviews of some sort either on the L’Oreal website or on Facebook.

One great thing about the panel is that when you click to sign up they ask quite a few questions regarding your colouring and also what you’re particularly interested in, this is to make sure that the selection of products (ie. the ‘beauty box’) that you receive is tailored to what you want. Kudos to L’Oreal for combining the beauty-box-fad with a reviewers panel concept! There’s plenty of panels around but somehow the branding of the L’Oreal one feels that tad more exclusive and posh? Not that I’d ever complain against free product anyway!

Important thing to note though is that even if you do join that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll definitely get a box, you’ll just be ‘in the running’ to receive something. So it’s partly like a lucky draw and partly just down to whether your skincare/beauty concerns and hair/skin/colours are what they’re looking for at the moment. That’s fine though, I believe if you stay on the panel long enough surely you’ll receive at least one thing free! In any case it doesn’t harm to join.

Places are limited apparently so click here to register for the panel! You’ll need to register for an account on the L’Oreal website first =)

Enjoy and Good Luck!


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