Budget Asian Drugstore Mini-Haul

Happy Sunday Everybody!

I’m not sure if you’ve realised but I’m trying to have a good balance of ‘beauty’-type posts (ie. reviews, hauls, etc.) and ‘freebie’ type posts (ie. samples, deals, sales, etc.). Just out of curiosity, what do you prefer??

It’s extra-hard to plan ahead on this blog because I never know what new freebie is going to pop up tomorrow and I swear I’ve a ton of products I’ve used and done hauls about and promised to review that are now no longer products but are ’empties’ (yep, been that long…), one day this backlog of reviews will come flooding in.

Anyway! Let me know 🙂 But for now, haul time!

It’s a teeny-weeny haul but I’m excited to share it because all the items were on my wishlist for 2014, I’m ticking through it pretty fast and also being quite good in not veering off it (which is what a wishlist is for!), makes me feel ‘productive’, haha, cheap thrills.

I guess it’s also a small haul because there’s just so much that fascinates me in an Asian drugstore (because I haven’t been in one for  very, very long) that I know if I let myself go I’m gonna come home with a ton of random stuff, so I’m being very strict on following that wishlist!

Asian Drugstore Mini-Haul Feb 2014

It really is a mini-haul isn’t it!!!


So the items I got are the: Essential Damage Hair Care Mask and the Serum (the mask is in the tub and the serum’s in the bottle). They actually have these in different ‘ranges’. There’s one that’s targeted for people who need more volume, one for premium care for damaged hair etc and I went for the premium one. I can actually do with loads more volume in my hair so I think next time I’m back there I might pick up their shampoo and conditioner for volumising.

The third, and final, item is the Biore Makeup Removal Sheets. I’d actually thought they’d be little cotton pads soaked in makeup remover fluid but they’re sheets, like the Simple ones that I love but a bit smaller and really, really soaked (that’s a good thing by the way).

Here’s another view of the Biore sheets:

It comes in a box!!!

It comes in a box!!!

I love the box, it’s such a pretty, pearly pink! You don’t always have to buy it with the box of course, they also sell refill packs to stick into the box. I’ll definitely do a more indepth review with pictures coming up soon (ok, I promise this time it really will come soon!!!).

Hmm, I tried to take the picture of the box artistically against a pretty pink flower but it’s come out looking rather… dull. 😦 Sorry!

Can’t remember the exact prices now because I’ve actually lost the receipt (bad blogger!) but everything was under £10… I’d say the Biore Makeup Remover with the tub was around £9 and the hair-care products were around £5 each!

So, I’ll end it off there for now. Only been using the products for a week and so far I’m happy but I’d rather not comment too much till they’ve got a good trial, hehe.

Are there any Asian brands you’d like me to try/review or can recommend while I’m still here? 🙂



Let me know what other Asian brands/products I should try!

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