Bargain Alert – URGENT (ELF SALE)

Hey Lovelies!

Nope, did not expect to post twice today but I decided to visit the E.L.F. (EyesLipsFace) website on a whim, just thought I hadn’t heard much about deals/codes from them for awhile, and realise that there’s a 50% off plus FREE shopping code that’s active right now but only from 6pm till 9pm today, what an extremely tight window!!!

eyes lips face 1

Definitely worth a quick visit, I recommend their uber-cheap brush cleaner and my ultimate favourite item from there is their SPF lipbalm, I bought the clear one during my last haul and used it all the way down (yep, all of it) the best lip-base and most moisturing lipbalm I’ve ever had, I don’t know why, it probably just worked really well for my lips? And I thought it was great that it had spf in it too! For those of you who just like experimenting with colours, I can’t see how anything bad can come of this 100 Piece eyeshadow palette for just £5.

One thing I have to point out though – codes like this can be extremely ‘enabling’, even as you’re rushing around like mad to make it for this flash sale deal, do remember to at least look at a few reviews in case a product is a total dud and have a think about whether you really want a particular product or not. Better less purchases that you’re happy with than loads of stuff you don’t actually want!

If you need some ideas on what to get, read about my last haul here, my review of the Glossy Gloss and also my ‘miss list‘ of stuff I couldn’t get in that last sale but definitely want to try and get this time!

Anyway, enough from me, get yourself over to EyesLipsFAce and get shopping!

The code is 500614 for UK/EU and 500615 for Italy, it’s for a minimum spend of £20 (take note!) and excludes sale items.

Happy Shopping!


Did you get anything? Share your haul in the comments!

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