E.L.F. Glossy Gloss Review + Swatches

Hello All!

As promised in my previous huge E.L.F. Haul post, here are the reviews of some of the products I got in the haul!

I must saw, I was pretty excited about the Glossy Glosses, I was recommended them by a fellow blogger who said the Ballet Slippers shade was a great Urban Decay dupe, I don’t know of this personally as I haven’t tried any UD glosses but poking around online it does seem like people do agree.

Don’t they look quite pretty? I think the packaging’s quite slick, definitely look like they cost more than they did (I got them on the 60% sale as well!).


E.L.F. Glossy Glosses, left is in Tangy Tangerine and the right is the Ballet Slippers.


Left is Ballet Slippers, right is Tangy Tangerine


From left to right: Ballet Slippers on lipstick, Tangy Tangerine on lipstick, Ballet Slippers on skin, Tangy Tangerine on skin

The lip colour that I used as a ‘base’ of sorts is my everyday lippie at the moment, Revlon’s Pink in the Aternoon. It’s a nudey pink that I think is perfect for daily wear and also for showing up the tints of lip-glosses that you apply over it!

Even though it’s the same lipstick base under both glosses, you can really see the difference in their shades, because the Pink in the Afternoon is such a good base.

So I would completely recommend wearing these over your favourite nude lip colour if you want to play off the gloss’ colours.

I’m also going to experiment with these shades on my other lip colours. If you have a lip colour you ever want to pale down a bit, use the Ballet Slippers over it and likewise for warming up a colour just slick on the Tangy Tangerine over it!

All in all, I’m not entirely blown away by these glosses but they’re definitely value for money and I’m looking forward to playing around with their colours and pairing them with my existing lippie collection.

I probably won’t be repurchasing them or any other Glossy Glosses though because the brush applicator is such a big fiddly thing for me, my perfect lip applicator will always be the wand. The Avon Glazewear lipglosses have a perfect wand (I think) which makes application a dream whereas the brush seems to always leave a clump of lipgloss around somewhere or other.

E.L.F. glosses in general are incredibly cheap, so please check them out if you want to boost your glosses!

Much Love!


Have you tried the Glossy Glosses?

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