50% ELF Discount Code is BACK!

Hello my pretties!

It’s almost Monday and my week in Singapore is over (boo) but there’s also a lot of work/life to get back to so I’m partly happy to return. I hate the feeling of not wanting to leave somewhere, terrible isn’t it? So am staying positive! Here’s another thing to stay positive for… that ELF 50% off code that I mentioned before?It’s BACK!

Honestly, I feel ELF is a little cheeky! I’ll bet they made their last sale a timed one just so some people would hurriedly pile lots of items into their basket, afraid of ‘missing out’. Am glad I made sure I read loads of reviews before making even a single purchase choice, although it’s definitely time-consuming and even then I think I ended up with one or two items I could’ve done without? Alongside the 50% off there’s also a free delivery with minimum spend, here’s some tips on how to make the most of it and also some of my personal sales favourites:

The 50% off is once you hit a minimum of £20, so that means £20 before discount, so the cheapest haul you’d be able to get is a £10 haul (with £20 worth of product). The free delivery is also on a minimum £20 spend but that’s counted after you put in the 50% off code – geddit? So basically, if you put £20 worth of product in, then use the code to get 50% off so you only pay £10 in the end, there’ll be an additional £2.95 added to your order for Standard Delivery, which is fine.

However, if somehow after applying the code the amount you end up with is, say, £16 (this would mean you’re checking out around £32 worth of product), then the additional postage takes you to £19.95, almost £20. In this scenario, you’d be better off adding any item into your cart to hit £20. This is really worth it, because you’d need to add about £8 worth of product to make it £20 after 50% off, so rather than paying £2.95 for delivery in this situation you’re bagging £8 free.

So, should you or should you not deliberately try to hit the £20 mark (which means putting £40 worth of product in your cart)? Looking at the calculations I’d say… unless your cart comes out to £10 or £11 after discount, it’s probably worth just buying more! So if your cart comes out to around £12 or £13 and above, seriously consider getting more stuff because it’s just a few pounds extra spend. There’s plenty of lovely sets that would make great gifts if you can’t think of anything for yourself!

I’ve ordered my haul already, excited to share it with you, it contains quite a few lipsticks/blushes that I hear are dupes for MAC/NARS but don’t know for sure, looking forward to posting the swatches, in the meantime there’s loads of handy blogs out that that have already compared a few of the shades. The most popular one seems to be the ELF Moondust Essential Eyeshadow being a dupe for MAC Satin Taupe and the ELF Studio Blush in Candid Coral being a dupe for NARS Deep Throat.

Personally, I think my all-time favourite purchase from them is their SPF lip balm (less than £2 with the 50% off code!).

They also have lots of useful brush accessories, like a brush shampoo and a daily brush cleanser, plus useful things like a makeup mist and fix spray! I’ve tried none of those personally but the makeup mist is in my haul too. If you’re stuck for what to get, then I’d say definitely pick up their amazing 100 eyeshadow palette for £5 (£2.50 with discount!), I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t be excited to get this as a gift.

I was also pretty impressed by the range of lovely blushes ELF has, the last time I shopped ELF I wasn’t that into blushes so I think I must have given them all a miss but they’ve really got a wide range covered, from some awesome looking liquid blushes (the HD Blushes) and very versatile powder blush shades too. Can you believe I managed to get myself to just buy the one shade (Candid Coral) because I knew I just didn’t need any more? My discipline amazes me sometimes… but I did end up picking up quite a few lipsticks/pencils, eep! I’m searching for a nice everyday shade that’s not-quite-nude.

And if you need more shopping inspiration for ELF, have a look at my previous haul from last year and my miss list!

This sale ends at 10.30am on the 23rd, which is Monday, so you’ve got this evening and Sunday to shop around, the code is 500614, enjoy 😉



Did you get anything? Share your haul in the comments!

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