Makeup Emergency – MUA Lippies to the Rescue

Hi there!

So, I have something of a funny post today about a makeup emergency that happened to me while I was in Berlin. It’s slightly embarrassing but I’ll look at it optimistically as an instance of my innovative in a pinch and go ahead to blog about it anyway!

Firstly though, remember what the MUA Mattes look like? Here’s a refresher just in case.

MUA Matte Lipsticks!

MUA Matte Lipsticks!

Basically what happened was that I had very carefully packed my makeup and skincare, we were travelling budget (Ryanair) so didn’t have any check-in luggage, that meant we could only bring 10 items of liquid each and not more than 100ml per item. I managed to get the boyfriend to carry some of my bath/body items (since we were going to share them as he’s too lazy to bring his own… men eh?) but as for makeup I had to separate my liquid and non liquids carefully.

So there I was, one bag full of lipsticks, mascara, lip gloss and foundation. Plus a separate pouch for dry stuff like powder eyeshadow, powder blush, eyeliner, brushes and eyelash-curler. It was only when I’d reached Germany and unpacked that I realised I’d been so worried about the liquids bag that I hadn’t packed the pouch. It was sitting on my dining table back in London feeling all lonesome bad forgotten… which it had been.

I guess I could have resigned myself to just foundation and lips that whole trip but part of me revolted only because I’d packed so carefully I thought that’d be a huge waste! So these were the products I used to create a whole faceful of makeup that trip:

1) Base – this I didn’t forget! I had my trusty Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, I forget my stipple brush however and had to apply it by hand. Here’s a tip, rub it between your fingers first to warm it up ever so slightly, it glides on much better after!!

2) Lips – I used the MUA matte in Peachy Keen plus the Avon Glazewear in Pink Watermelon on top, I love the Pink Watermelon Glazewear and I think a review is imminent since I’ve almost finished my tube of it! Which is a first for me, I hard ever finish lip gloss…

MUA Matte Lipsticks

Peachy Keen is the middle swatch!

3) Cheeks – Right, this is where it gets interesting! I had no blush but I thought the Peachy Keen had a tempting coral colour to it so I drew it onto the apples of my cheeks. Surprisingly it had a consistency of a very hard cream blush stick and although I had to blend away at it quite a bit with my fingers, it ended up looking really lovely and it stayed all day!! I’m really tempted to get another Peachy Keen just for my cheeks now… but I’m hoping the MUA cream blush I got is a similar shade.

4) Eyes – Another MUA matte saved the day here! This time it was the Wild Berry, a really dark purple that I pressed onto my eyelids near the upper lashline and then blended upwards toward the crease, actually gave a great effect.

Wild Berry and Scarlet Siren

Wild Berry is the swatch to the left.

5) Mascara – No eyelash curlers but my tiny lashes always droop downwards…So I had to apply very slowly, holding the wand against the base of my upper lashes to push them upwards before slowly wriggling the brush upwards and against the lashes, to give them a bit of a curl.

6) Powder – I have terribly oily skin so finding out I’d left my powder behind was disastrous!! Luckily I had some blotting paper which used to gently blot the oil away before moisturising, after applying foundation and also to blot my cheeks since I knew the lipstick would contain more oil than a usual cream blush.

And there you have it! My makeshift makeup relying mainly on MUA Matte Lipsticks!

I’m becoming quite a fan of them, might do another post about how I pair them with different lip glosses and what a difference it makes =D



A handful of £1 lipsticks!

Thank you my £1 makeup savers!

What makeup hacks have you used?

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7 thoughts on “Makeup Emergency – MUA Lippies to the Rescue

  1. That was great! Your emergency ended up as something good after all a.k.a. the discovery of MUA lippies’ other uses! Love this post!

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