National Lipstick Day – £5 Off All Debenhams Lipsticks! Today Only.

Hello All!

Okay, who knew it was National Lipstick Day? I didn’t, I didn’t even know such a day existed. However, I do love lipstick, it’s one of the easiest ways to change a look and I really do think the right shade can make or break the look of your entire face. It also helps that it’s probably the easiest product to apply (just slick it on! no shading, contouring, etc etc).

As you’d expect, loads of retailers/news-sites are celebrating today by putting up lipstick-related bits of news/promotions. A quick google and you’ll find articles full of ‘mind-boggling lipstick facts’ (their words not mine), like this here or maybe this here, call me a make-up geek but I found it all fascinating and a really fun read, lol >_< There’s also tons of articles about finding the right shade of lipstick for you but… I didn’t really find one I thought was amazing and more than just a product placement ad, ah well. Moving on to the real reason why you’re reading this post, haha, the Debenhams Lipstick Day offer!

Everywhere I see people saying ‘£5 off any Debenhams lipstick’, which implies that you get a voucher code for one lipstick but NO, it’s ALL of them that have £5 off! Just go to the Debenhams Lipstick Page here and all the lipsticks already have £5 slashed off.

Right before you rush off and go crazy… I honestly think this offer is for you if and only if there’s a luxury lipstick you’ve been eyeing for ages and been wanting to get/would get anyway, so getting it today will save you a cool £5. If this offer makes you go on a rampant ‘AHHHH LIPSTICK BUY ALL THE SHADES’ spree then step away from the phone/laptop/computer/tablet/whatever you’re reading this post on right now, the promotion will only enable you to spend!

Eep, what a dampener… back to the brighter side of things! The deal is best on Mac lipsticks, which cost around £15 usually so you’re saving a cool 33%, or on Illamasqua which ranges from around £13 to £18. I’ve thought that the YSL Rouge Voluptes are the most beautiful products in a tube (that and the Dior Fluid Sticks!) I’ve ever seen but just can’t justify that about of money, so… will still not be buying it.

If any of you are as parsimonious as me but wish to celebrate National Lipstick Day anyway, let me direct you to the amazing MUA lipsticks (I’ve posted about them before here and here, they’re also incredibly versatile), I’ve actually only ever tried the matte ones and not the others, mainly because the choice overwhelms me, but I might just treat myself today, they’re only £1 and you get an extra little pot of product right in the lid!

Whichever the case, enjoy your lipstick today 😉



What lippie is on your wishlist??

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