Beauty Bargain – Free Eyeko Eyelash Curler + 20% Discount

Hello my pretties!

It’s been awhile since I highlighted a magazine beauty bargain, some months are just better than others I suppose, but one has popped up that absolutely had to be featured (it’s so good). It’s a free pair of eyelash curlers from Eyeko with this month’s issue of InStyle ūüėČ

Eyeko’s known for their amazing eyeliner, especially since Alexa Chung of the cat-flick-ed eyes fame completely swears by Eyeko eyeliner to create her famous look. To be honest, I’m not good with keeping up with celebrities and I hardly know who they are/what they do but the one thing I do know about Alexa Chung (thanks to reading about beauty more than anything else) is that she has great cat-flicks and that she uses only Eyeko eyeliner so… guess we can trust them with our eyes! Apparently, she loves their eyelash curler as well and the brand¬†does specialise in eyes after all (EYE-ko?).

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Penny for Your Thoughts – Wishlist 2014!

Helloooo Everyone!

Thanks to my Christmas in Vegas and New Year’s in San Francisco¬†¬†I seem to have totally missed out on doing those ever-popular ‘2013 Favourites’ type of posts… I’ve been totally enjoying watching/reading 2013 favourites posts/vlogs though! I think those are top on my list of favourite beauty-related topics right now, it’s wonderful in general to get to see what other people are using and loving but this is like getting a huge¬†bumper edition¬†of it!!

And what I really love the most about reading loads of ‘favourites’ posts is that you can see where some products are loved over and over and that really is a testament to how good they definitely are…

Thanks to that, however, I’ve got the urge to write a whole new wishlist, lol.

Wish List

If you’ll remember, my last wishlist was way back last September and I’m a huge advocate of constantly going back to your wishlist and updating it: checking off stuff you have, crossing out stuff you don’t want any more and (of course) my favourite, adding stuff to it! Trust me, especially during sales times it makes shopping a doozy, it means you come home with a haul you utterly love and not one you fell guilty or dissatisfied over!

So, without further ado, here’s my whole new wishlist for 2014! It’s pretty fun to check back to my old wishlist and compare the two, hehe…

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FeelUnique – Sale Plus Extra 15% off Code, Ends TODAY

Hello my lovelies!

Welcome to yet another week =D

I was about to do one of my Monday Munchies freebie posts today because there’re a few good foodie deals I’ve spotted that seem too good to resist but something else trumped all that… that’s right, the final day of the FeelUnique Sale plus a 1-day-only discount code of 15%!!

That’s 15% on¬†top of whatever discounted price the product is going for, pretty good, eh?

Extra 15% Off Winter Sale

If you’re stumped on what to check out, there’s some awesome sales picks chosen by Ruth from AMR over here, sadly a few of those items are no longer in the Feel Unique sales (I guess the sales price was only for limited quantities??) but here are a few of my own that I’ve spotted that I’d happily recommend, especially at the reduced price¬†plus the extra 15% off today.

First up is the Tangle Teezer Compact, the travel version that comes with a little added clip-on lid.


I reviewed it a few months back (see review here) and am happy to say I’m still using it today as happily as I was back in August. The lid is really a god-send, I travel and move around a lot for work and I just can’t imagine chucking this as casually into my bag as I would do without the lid… the bristles would be in such a state by now!! Find it here¬†in the sale, it’s currently at ¬£11 so only a quid off the original price but the 15% off will give you another ¬£1.50 at least and that brings the final price to below ¬£10 (woohoo!).

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Quick lil deal alert – free l’occitane samples

Hi all!

An immensely quick one for Sunday as I’m having such a manic weekend >_< sigh.


L’occitane is giving out free samples of their amazing Divine range, samples include:

– 1x 1.5ml Divine Cream
– 1x 1ml Divine Eye
– 1x 1.5ml Divine Extract

That’s a moisturiser, an eye cream and a serum =) although they’re all going to be in little sachets that’s still pretty good as you get to try your first impressions at 3 of their products!

Also, just so you know, the divine range is mainly known for it’s anti-ageing ingredients, I think the moisturising cream in particular is an award winning anti-ageing moisturiser. So definitely a must-try for those whose main concern is mature skin (although I’ve heard prevention is better than cure so those with relatively youthful skin can’t lose anything by trying it too!!).

The free samples will be given out at their stores without purchase and also online with purchase, so if you’re not far from a store it’s worth your while to pop by go a browse!

To see more info on which stores are running this promotion check out the link here!


Have you tried the L’Occitane Divine range yet?

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Makeup Emergency – MUA Lippies to the Rescue

Hi there!

So, I have something of a funny post today about a makeup emergency that happened to me while I was in Berlin. It’s slightly embarrassing but I’ll look at it optimistically as an instance of my innovative in a pinch and go ahead to blog about it anyway!

Firstly though, remember what the MUA Mattes look like? Here’s a refresher just in case.

MUA Matte Lipsticks!

MUA Matte Lipsticks!

Basically what happened was that I had very carefully packed my makeup and skincare, we were travelling budget (Ryanair) so didn’t have any check-in luggage, that meant we could only bring 10 items of liquid each and not more than 100ml per item. I managed to get the boyfriend to carry some of my bath/body items (since we were going to share them as he’s too lazy to bring his own… men eh?) but as for makeup I had to separate my liquid and non liquids carefully.

So there I was, one bag full of lipsticks, mascara, lip gloss and foundation. Plus a separate pouch for dry stuff like powder eyeshadow, powder blush, eyeliner, brushes and eyelash-curler. It was only when I’d reached Germany and unpacked that I realised I’d been so worried about the liquids bag that I hadn’t packed the pouch. It was sitting on my dining table back in London feeling all lonesome bad forgotten… which it had been.

I guess I could have resigned myself to just foundation and lips that whole trip but part of me revolted only because I’d packed so carefully I thought that’d be a huge waste! So these were the products I used to create a whole faceful of makeup that trip:

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