Whole Buncha Perfume Freebies!

Hey Everyone,

Spotted a rash of perfume sample freebies and thought I’d lump them all into one post so you essentially get more freebie for your time 😉

First up is what I honestly thought was some sort of Dark Knight Rises inspired perfume… does anyone else see the Batman symbol in there??? It’s not just me, right?

It’s… Batman!! Oh, no, wait, it’s Gucci’s ‘Guilty’.

But it’s not! It’s Gucci’s new perfume for women, ‘Guilty’.

To get your sample just fill out the form here, the sample should be with you within 4 to 5 weeks. Apparently it’s just a postcard sample but better than nothing and, to be honest, if you really like the scent and want to try it on yourself for a day instead of just sniffing it on a postcard, you can just rub the scented area onto your wrist and from your wrists behind your neck/ears and the fragrance should stick for a good while =)

It does make a difference. Sometimes you hate a perfume at first sniff but then it grows on you throughout the day… or sometimes vice versa!

In order news, Hugo Boss is back again:

Hugo Boss Jour

Hugo Boss Just Different

Just click on their website here and scroll around the perfume options at the top to select your sample, it seems even if you’ve ordered a sample before you can do so again (hurrah!), these are postcard samples as well in my experience and will be delivered within 28 days.

Finally, here’s a freebie from Paco Rabanne, you can request either their 1 Million or Lady Million as a sample at this page here.

Happy Perfume Sniffing! Hehe.



What’s your favourite perfume for 2013? =)

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