Top 5 Budget Red Lipsticks under £5

Hi there my pretties!

So, seeing as Valentine’s is today, the internet is practically abuzz with all sorts of V-Day makeup look tutorials! Did you know, that the Chinese have their own Valentine’s Day based on the Lunar Calendar? And tomorrow, for the first time in a long, loooong time, the Chinese and English Valentine’s coincide on the same day! Right, trivia for the day done with… time to get to the topic of the day which is budget red lipstick!!

Back to Valentine’s looks, most of these seem to contain that quintessential red lip. Depending on how you pair it with the rest of your look and whether it’s a warm or cool red lip, it can be sexy, dangerous, classy, inviting… you name it. Honestly you can never have too many red lipsticks and I for one don’t think I’ve found my ultimate, perfect one yet but I have found loads of amazing budget ones in my parsimonious quest for good makeup.

This post is for those of you who want to rock that glam, V-day look without breaking the bank 😉

And even if V-Day is not for you or it’s long past by the time you read this, a red lip that you like should always be an essential part of your makeup bag!

1) MUA Matte Lipstick in Scarlet Siren

Scarlet Siren

Scarlet Siren

You’ve probably read my million and one posts that I’ve already done about the amazing MUA Matte Lipsticks and how they’ve come to my rescue in a makeup emergency one time in Germany but I can’t resist mentioning them once again.

I find that they have such amazing hold, I think it’s because it leaves a stain on my lips so even after food and a whole day out I still have colour on my lips. It’s a little dry on application and you do need to press down hard but the colour is fantastic. Isn’t that red in the picture above just gorgeous??

As you can see here, it doesn’t come out as dark as that on the skin but it’s still a pretty vibrant red that definitely errs to the cool side, which I love.

It’s a matte finish, obviously, but if you like a bit of gloss on the top just slick on clear gloss or a red gloss and voila, glossy finish 😉

This is probably the most budget red lippies that does a fantastic job, it’s only £1!!! It even comes with extra product in a little jar at the bottom of the lippie so you can apply with a lip brush if you like 🙂 On the down side, there’s only one shade of red in this range but you can’t argue for a £1 lippie!

2) MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Atomic and Reckless

I still haven’t blogged about these despite meaning to for ages since I picked some up in my MUA haul in Bristol but it’s not due to lack of love for them, I just get carried away posting about freebies rather than reviews (lol).

The picture above is one of the lacquers in Reckless, which I still do not have 😦 but from my experience of the ones I do have the pigmentation is stunning, the lacquer itself dries off to an amazing velvety matte finish and it’s very long-lasting. Another thing I absolutely love is you apply with a wand as I usually apply lippies with a brush. Brush application allows you to really press the colour in so it lasts longer but especially for strong colours, you want a clean line that applying from the bullet doesn’t give you so I just love any ‘apply from a wand’ type lip products (Rimmel Apocalips totally rocked my world when they first came out with this).

If you’re more of a warm tone red and like that orangey tones in your red lip, go for Atomic. For a cool, blue toned red, go for Reckless.

Slightly more pricey than the MUA Matte Lipsticks and by pricey I mean they’re £3 =P Which, is very un-pricey really in my book.

3) Collection 2000 Deluxe Lipstick in Silent Movie and Prohibition

Collection’s range of Lasting Colour Lipstick have gotten pretty awesome reviews in terms of colour and long-lasting-ness for a budget makeup brand, so I was hesitant as to whether to talk about their Lasting Colour lippies or their Deluxe lippies…

The Deluxe Lipsticks are marketed as having that that ‘luxury’ feel, which each lipstick enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, which is great news because I must admit the MUA lippies (matte especially) dry my lips out no end! However, their Long Lasting range contains SPF 15!! Decisions decisions…

Ultimately, I went with the Deluxe ones, since this post is all about the red lip and I always feel the red lip stuns the most in the evening 😉 so… shea butter and vitamin E it is over SPF!

I have actually mentioned these lippies before way back when they were giving out free samples with the launch of the Deluxe range and I thought back then that they looked gorgeous. They also have remarkably sexy names. Silent Movie is sultry and dark while Prohbition is brighter shade and brings to mind the term ‘red hot’! Either sound like great names to spice up a date, Valentine’s Day or not 😉

As you can see from the picture above, the lipstick’s £3.99, and better yet, it’s currently at Boots for £2.99!!! Which, by the way, is also the price of the Lasting Colour Lipsticks 😉 So grab the Deluxe ones for now, since they’re on offer, hehe.

4) Sleek True Colour Lipstick

My love of Sleek products is up there next to MUA.

Sleek is a great brand for high quality products at great prices, my favourite item from them has to be their Face Form contour kit, perfect little kit for contouring! It’s just so compact and easy to use.

I’ve also used a lip stain from them before (I think it was called pout paint or something along those lines) but unfortunately can’t find it anymore! Does anyone know what I’m talking about and where it can be found? It did wonders for staying on the lip!

Anyway, another equally fantastic buy from Sleek is their True Colour Lipstick range. If you’re looking for deep and dangerous cool red, go for Russian Roulette or Vixen (again, what beautiful names!), for lips to inspire hot vivaciousness try Papaya Punch and if you’d like to tone it down a bit and err more to the sweet and flirty side, there’s Heartbreaker.

These are just £4.99 😉

5) Rimmel Kate Last Finish Lipstick and Matte Lipstick

These have found such fame on the blogosphere because they’re truly gorgeous colours that have great colour pay-off and last too.

Not sure about you, but personally I think it’s the brilliant strong reds in these two ranges that steal the show (oh, and the vampy wine-purple in 107)! It helps that between the two (Lasting Finish and Matte) there’s a great selection of reds so if you’re picky (like me) I’d suggest you head down to Boots and swatch as many as you like… just to see what you like best against your skin-tone 😉

Okay, this one was a bit of a cheap because it’s usually £5.49 so that’s above £5… but the Matte range is currently on offer at Boots for £3.99!!! So I squeezed it in 😉

Right, that’s all for the lipsticks!

I know Shakespeare’s said ‘what’s in a name’ but I do think I’d step out feeling a bit more sexy wearing a lippie named Prohibition or Scarlet Siren!

Happy red hunting 😉



What red lip do you rock?

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