Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Limited Edition Olay Beauty Fluid

Hi All!

A quick lil deal alert for y’all today 😉

SuperSavvyMe is running a great giveaway competition (I’ve done a review of their site before, read it here) and the prize is a full-sized (100ml) bottle of Olay’s famous Beauty Fluid, a much-loved moisturiser that’s survived popularity the past few decades.

Olay Beauty Fluid VintageHowever, it’s not just any bottle they’re giving away! It’s the limited edition vintage/retro designed bottles (see above) which I personally are quite pretty and definitely more ‘chic’ looking than the usual design (which is probably due for an update as well?).

Many reviews state how great the Olay Beauty Fluid is as a daytime moisturiser as it’s a lovely base for makeup, I haven’t tried this myself as I’m pretty much stocked up for daytime moisturisers as it is (would be naughty of me to buy any more!) but this is actually on my hypothetical ‘to buy/to try’ list a few months down the road when my current stock of moisturisers have run out… it’s actually a budget/bargain product in its own right retailing for £4.99!

By the way, I had recently reviewed the Olay Double Action Night Cream (check it out here), a night moisturiser that didn’t disappoint and which was also a good budget item, so Olay moisturising products are currently in my good books.

Anyway, SuperSavvyMe will be giving away 100 of these classy, vintage-inspired bottles and to register for the giveaway you just need to go to their giveaway page here, sign in to your SuperSavvyMe account (or register if you haven’t got one) and fill out a straightforward form.

The deadline to sign up for the giveaway is 30th Dec 2013, so there’s still time yet!

After the 30th, you can check here to see if you’ve won and the prize should be with you within 28 days =)



Have you tried the Olay Beauty Fluid?

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