MUA Matte Lipsticks Scarlet Siren and Wild Berry

Hi Bargain Beauty Babes!

So like I mentioned in my recent MUA Mini-Haul, I’ve finally got my hands on the remaining two shades of the MUA Matte Lipsticks that I was missing, hurrah!!!

If you want to see a review/swatches for the shades Totally Nude, Peachy Keen and Pouty Pink, you can see my previous review over here, I also mention how the wear is (amazing).

MUA Matte Lipsticks Complete

My collection is complete!! And it only cost me £3…

I just have to comment on the packaging again… got to love the little round blob of colour at the bottom, the prettiest thing about it ever and it’s utterly true to the colour of the actual bullet.

I have to say, I was most excited about Scarlet Siren. Just look at how gorgeous it looks in the bullet! As you probably know, I’m on an indefatigable quest to find a perfect true red for myself and I really felt I was close with this one…

Scarlet Siren

Scarlet Siren

Wild Berry and Scarlet Siren

Wild Berry and Scarlet Siren

What I’d say is that don’t be afraid by how scary Wild Berry looks in the bullet, it’s an almost-black purple isn’t it?! But it really isn’t on your lips, it’s far more sheer than the bullet suggests and you just end up with a great dark purple on your lips, lovely for a glamourous evening out, a great alternative to a cool-toned red.

As for Scarlet Siren… I was so, so pleased with it once I put it on! In the swatch you can see how the red looks just a tad purply-pink, which translates to something approximating a true red once it’s on the lips =) I’d say there’s just a little something left to be desired… maybe just a big more red pigment would have made it perfect… but I’m so pleased, as I’ve said, it’s only £1 and these lipsticks stay on all day.

If you desperately need a great red lip and don’t have the time/money to go trying out all the high end brands for your perfect red, get this any time! I have high hopes for the Lip Lacqeur in Reckless too, once I get my hands on it it’ll be swatch-frenzy time for all those true-red seekers just like me!

Oh, one more thing, I always feel slightly disappointed with the coverage of the matte lipsticks as I’m applying them, it’s because I need to press down so hard that I’m really, really close to the mirror and watching it layer on, it looks really sheer. But the moment I take a step back I’m always ‘Whoa!’ because the impact really strikes me. I think these lippies cling a lot to your lips so little crags in your lips tend to be missed-out but no one’s going to notice it unless they’re literally 15 cm from your lips (in which case, let’s face it, they’re probably that close in order to kiss you and the lipstick isn’t going to be on for long, then, is it?).

It was perfectly fine applying the lighter shades on directly from the lippie but for these two darker shades I would highly recommend using a lip brush… you need to press down quite firmly and it’s very tough to get a clean line, which you need really for a dark colour.

I think my favourites are without a doubt Scarlet Siren and Peachy Keen but I would get any of them (except Totally Nude, which just makes me look ill). There’s a 3 for 2 on now too, I harp about this every other post don’t I, so please, please make use of that deal and pick up these amazing, pocket-friendly lippies!



A handful of £1 lipsticks!

A handful of £1 lipsticks!

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10 thoughts on “MUA Matte Lipsticks Scarlet Siren and Wild Berry

  1. I’ve tried their original lipsticks before, and I was so disappointed in the quality and colour pay off (and all of the metallic!) that I actually ended up throwing them away…have you tried them too, and would you say the mattes are a lot better? I’m tempted, because I’ve been wanting to try out a colour similar to ‘Wild Berry’ but not wanting to spend too much to find out it doesn’t suit me!
    I think MUA eyeshadows are fantastic, but haven’t gotten on with any of their lip products yet…maybe these mattes will sway me? 🙂

    • Hello! I’ve actually not tried any other MUA lipsticks other than these so can’t really say!

      But besides what I pointed out above (that the mattes are dry and a bit tough to get on your lip) I do really like the mattes, they just look great and stay on for so long once you get them on =)

      They’re just £1 so maybe pick one up and give it whirl? The coral one (Peachy Keen) is multi-purpose, as I accidentally found out recently when I forgot to pack half my makeup on a trip overseas and had to use it as my blusher >_<


    • Just wanted to let you know that the plastic bit on the end is actually a lipgloss.
      Screw it off and see for yourself!
      More for your money, love it!!

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