Gift Guide for the Un-Gifted in Gift Giving 101

Hello my pretties!!

So with the Christmas season looming ahead I’ve seen many bloggers/vloggers already putting up Christmas related posts, oh my goodness am I late?! There’s even Christmas lights up on Oxford street that’s been up since, like, a month ago!

Christmas Gift Shopping

Here’s a little secret, I haven’t done my Christmas shopping yet… Nope, not even close! In fact, I’m actually not a gifts-person by nature, I’m not sure why but my family never really did gifts. Sounds sad doesn’t it, it actually wasn’t that bad! In general if I wanted something I’d just ask for it but I never usually wanted anything, erm, am pretty low maintenance I guess?? We tended to just have a special birthday or Christmas meal instead!!

My love language isn’t gifts at all but I’d hate for my friends whose love language is gifts to think I don’t care, so I make an extra effort around people’s birthdays and on Christmas! If you’re just like me, no fear, that’s why I’ve started this little ‘Gift Guide for the Un-Gifted in Gifting’ series, let’s see where this takes us shall we 😉

For today I’m going to start off with a few introductory tips on choosing what to get people and tomorrow I’ll put up some great budget gifts I’ve spotted for less than £5!! I’m so looking forward to that as it’s just so much fun shopping around even if it’s just window shopping.

1) Look at what they Love

– Surely this is where you start, right? What does the person you’re buying for love.

– For example, if it’s a girl does she like accessories? Or is she more of a makeup girl? Or maybe it’s none of that and she’d much rather have a good book or a DVD set!

– If it’s a guy, I find food is the easiest to home in on… is he a wine or beer type of guy? Get a special bottle of something from a specialty store! A coffee lover? Even easier, time to crack out those coffee syrup gift sets!

– If you can narrow it down even further to their specific hobbies/interests, better still!

– If you don’t know them well enough… well, in this era of social media I’m sure a quick glance at someone’s Facebook or Twitter should suffice? If you’re not connected to them at all, why are you buying them a gift??

2) Look at what they Need

– Right, so say she’s loves owls and any owl-related merchandise (I know 3 girls who loves owls, doesn’t it seem like this has become a craze lately?!) you’d think it’s best to get her something owl-y, right? Well, do so with caution! Because chances are she always has like 3 owl mugs and 4 stuffed owl plushies…

– Also, if someone has a whole drawer full of necklaces, no matter how much they’d love another one they really don’t need another one, it’ll just be clutter! Let your gift be something that’s a step ahead, for example, maybe get them a lovely necklace tree to organise the beautiful items they already have!

– There’s a good reason why this comes after the ‘what they love’ category by the way! Just because someone needs new socks does not mean they should receive it as a present ever, unless it’s actually what they’d love to get.

But I didn't want socks! Where's my pony?

But I didn’t want socks! Where’s my pony?

3) Look at what only YOU can give

– Arguably, anyone could run out and buy whatever it is you’ve bought for your friend/loved one, so how can you make it special and personal?

– Well, cards or notes are an obvious thing. Oftentimes I spend ages thinking of what would be the perfect gift and I feel it’s such a waste to give it and let it be lost in a sea of gifts. Add in a cute little note that summarises your thoughts and feelings for the person and why you got them what you got them, it’s the thought that counts, right? 😉

– If you’re gifted in handicrafts even better, make someone something only you can make!

– Or, if you know you’re great with makeup or great with cooking, maybe make your gift something around that! So it becomes a gift that really only you could have put together.

– But of course, make sure this unique gift of yours is first of all what the recipient would love and need.

Hope those top Christmas Gifting Tips were helpful! See you tomorrow for my pick of the best budget gifts I’ve spotted so far!!



Ah, that elusive perfect Christmas Gift...

Ah, that elusive perfect Christmas Gift…

Have you done your Christmas Shopping yet?

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