The High End Haul Part 3 – How to Shop Bicester Village

Hello my beauties!

I’m finally putting up this finale to my Bicester Village series, sorry it’s up so late but I suppose now it’s just in time for the Christmas shopping season!

I’m usually a complete ‘budget’ person whether it’s fashion, accessories or beauty but this series (as those of you who’ve already read part 1 and part 2 probably know) is born out of my experience of following my brand-crazy friend around for 2 epic Bicester Village hauls, one in September and one 2 years ago. I really have her to thank because otherwise this blog would be totally lacking in the luxury haul department…

Bicester Village Christmas

I must say though, if I were so inclined then Bicester Village is the best place for getting your luxury item fix! Everything, even things on a current season, is discounted to some degree and you can get some major discounts here! If you’ve been eyeing certain brands and are going to treat yourself to it for sure then do it here, it’s the best bargain you’ll ever get (if you’re after LV or Dior or any other French brand though and are up for a weekend in Paris anyway then get it there, it’s easily a cool £100 cheaper than it would be in London).

By the way, in the run up to Christmas Bicester is holding a special late night shopping day on Thursdays! It’ll be open till 9pm 😉 hurrah. Usually it’s open till 8pm and just 7pm on Sundays. Thursday’s a bit of an awkward day for a trek out to Bicester but I’m willing to bet it’ll be far less crowded too!

Okay, so you’re convinced and are headed to Bicester for the epic luxury haul of your life for yourself and also to pick up that special something for a loved one’s Christmas gift, before you go my How to Shop Bicester 5-Step guide will definitely be one of the handiest things you could possibly read before your haul (other than your bank statement, remember to spend wisely!), trust me, this will help you come away with only the items you really want and help you avoid any of those annoying ‘guilty buys’ 😉

1) Do Your Research

– Check the website brands page here for what stores there are, this gives you an idea of what to expect that you can get.
– Book your tickets there early! Train tix can set you back like £20, so take that in consideration! Would you be fine just spending that on a fun day out? Because the last thing you want is to feel like you have to buy something just because it cost £20 to go there.
– The Weather!! It’s an outdoor mall basically and a rainy day could ruin your fun shopping experience.

2) Wish List Time!

– Remember my wish list? Take the time to consider what you want/need: are you focused on a certain brand? Are you a bags girl or would you like some designer shades or makeup or accessories? This is especially important if you’re there to buy gifts!

Bicester Village

3) Do one preliminary sweep of the Village, don’t buy anything yet!

– on this sweep mark all the things you want to buy, trust me otherwise you’ll go crazy in the first 3 stores and have nothing left to spend the rest of the day!
– write down what the things are and the prices (both RP and discounted price), if you can take a picture of it that’s even better.

4) Time for a Coffee Break 

– This is when you review the items you spotted earlier, the lull period in-between spotting them and this break will make you consider your potential purchases a lot more rationally! If you’re still unsure about some of them go and have a 2nd look at them, no need to rush anything.

5) Finally, buy =)

– Duh, you’ve whittled down your list and you’re happy to spend whatever amount it is you’re spending on it, so go get it girl!

The whole process sounds so tedious doesn’t it? But trust me, this means that when you go home and review your purchases, it’ll be all ‘I love what I bought’ and none of that ‘oh no this was too expensive/I shouldn’t have got this’ 😉 Goodbye guilty purchases!

Really hope this helps your Christmas shop!



Have you shopped Bicester Village before? What are your tips? =)

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