ASOS 50% Off 48-Hour Flash Sale

Hello Everyone!

Argh, I just realised that I missed yesterday’s post and the worse thing is that I had had one planned (a Monday Munchie as usual!) but didn’t go up. This annoys me terribly because it’s broken my streak of one-post-every-day but oh well, no use crying over spilt milk! Thankfully I received notice of an amazing ASOS 48-Hour Flash Sale in my inbox and that cheered me up (as it would!).

50% off 250 awesome items including dresses, swim, jewellery and shoes.

Thank you ASOS hahaha.

So, this fantabulous sale features 250 items, you can literally get a whole outfit from there because there’s not just clothes but also accessories and shoes! And it’s not just for the women, there’s a men’s sale too!

There’s tons of lovely bargains, including this amazing maxi skirt (love that it’s a basic so it can jazz it any outfit and it has an alluring slit!):

Image 1 of ASOS Maxi Skirt

These adorable culottes, perfect for spring:

Image 1 of ASOS Shorts with Scallop Hem

And these culotte shorts covered in lace, they look just like a pretty skirt don’t they?!

Image 1 of ASOS Culotte Shorts In Pleated Lace

Have fun browsing the sale here!



What are your top picks?

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