Everything 5 Pounds – £1.99 Sale

Hello Everyone!

Today we’ll be talking about one of my absolute, all-time favourite online clothing sites – Everything 5 Pounds.

In case you haven’t heard of them already, the name really says it all – everything on the site will only set you back a fiver. I’ve really got into shopping from them recently and I’ve a whole host of posts planned including an in-depth review, reviews of all the hauls I’ve done recently (including the good and the bad) plus tips on how to get the most out of shopping with them. However, today’s post is going to be a quick one because I’ve spotted something that I really wanted to blog about asap while the deal’s still on.


For a limited time only, Everything5Pounds is a misnomer, because not everything is £5, some things are £1.99!

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H&M 50% Off Flash Sale

Hey Lovelies!

So, it’s that time again, time for H&M to do another one of their online flash sales. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve only signed up for their newsletter in the last few months but I feel that I’m getting wind of these a lot more recently? Anyway, it’s a pretty good 50% off flash sale on selected items and it’s for one day only, so have a browse now-now if you think you’ll want something!

I’ve included my top picks from the sale 😉 I always feel conflicted about sales-picks posts. On the one hand, it’s seriously fun, like window-shopping with friends type of fun. It also kind of fulfils a certain urge to shop without spending (haha) but I hate the thought of being an enabler! So please don’t feel pressured to buy, same disclaimer as always, don’t buy if you don’t have to!  Better yet, you should all go do your own sales picks post and link me to them 😉 I would love to see what your picks are!

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Amazing Freebies – Free Scarf + Nail Wrap

Happy Good Friday!

So, as you read this I’ll be enroute to a whole weekend long church camp from today until Monday. It’s our church’s annual affair and while it’s fun, amazing and great to be able to just leave the city and hang out with out with everyone for a few days, it’s also excruciatingly tiring >_< I’m still looking forward to it though. For those of you not lucky enough to be going away this Easter weekend, here’s some wonderful freebies to make your bank holiday Friday amazing – free Mylene Klass nail wraps and free ladies’ scarves!

FREE Myleene Klass Nail Wraps

These deals are again from SDN, or Social Discount Network, great freebies have been featuring on that page recently, I love it! Absolutely paradise for free beauty and free fashion deals.
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Fashion Bargain – Up to 50% Dorothy Perkins

Happy DAy Before Good Friday!

Yes, tomorrow is the day that Jesus died on the cross, and whatever your beliefs as to whether he was a man or the son of God, we can’t disprove that a lot of archaeological and historical evidence does point to the fact that the man called Jesus of Nazareth did exist and he was executed on the cross around this time of year about 2000 years ago… so I wonder why it’s ‘Good’ Friday?! Surely it should be ‘Sad’ Friday or at the very least ‘Unpleasant Experience’ Friday? Luckily *cue cheesey music* I’ve just the deal to make your Friday good, which is an amazing discount alert for Dorothy Perkins!

Reveal your code

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a fashion post so this deal from Dorothy Perkins comes at the perfect time. As you can see, they’re giving out discount codes that can be applicable to your entire order and that could range from anywhere between 10% to a whopping 50%! Let’s just see how ‘good’ your Friday can become this year 😉
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Fashion Deal – £1.99 Bargain Summer Dress

Morning Everyone!

Here’s a great mid-week deal for you that’ll be sure to perk you ladies up… an amazing summer fashion deal, a lovely summer lace dress from Peacock for just £.199 this Thursday (currently retailing at £18)!

Yep, believe or not that dress in the picture will be on sale for just £1.99! That’s got to be the cheapest, fashion bargain I’ve heard of ever since the infamous minimum wage dress that went on sale some time last year. Great bargain and also a great way to start the Spring/Summer re-haul for your wardrobe, you want to be ready for all those fine-weather parties that’re bound to start cropping up, right? 😉

So, the dress is actually available in 2 colours, the other one is in lilac:

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