Deal Alert – Free Nails Inc Polish, £5 Birthday Credit + 10% off Nails Inc

Hello Darlings!

Another Sunday =) By the time you read this I’ll be in the air and en-route back to London, funny how travel works and journey of so many miles can be made in just hours… I always feel mildly disorientated moving from place to place, I kind of have to shut down that part of my brain that tells me how strange it is or I’d be eternally trying to wrap my head around it. Anyway, that’s not what today’s post is about, today’s post is about how you can get a free full-sized bottle of Nails Inc Polish, plus £5 to spend at Nails Inc on your birthday and also 10% off all products on Nails forever

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s actually not! You just need to sign up to become a Nails Inc VIP 😉

To sign up, you just need to visit the detailed Nails Inc VIP page here and click to add the VIP membership to your shopping cart. As you can see, it’s not entirely free, it actually costs £5 for a 12-month membership but here’s why I think it’s a deal that’s totally worth it if you’re a nails girl (I’m not, by the way, but I can think of so many friends that I’m going to spread the news to who will be loving this!!! You guys included of course!).

Okay, so… you pay £5 for that 12 month membership and in return you get a £5 credit to spend on the site during the month of your birthday, that’s already your money back!

But I suppose seeing as an average bottle on Nails Inc is worth £11, you’ll end up spending more than £5. If you’re a nails girl and love Nails Inc, chances are you’d have spend that money anyway so you’re not losing anything, then again, if you’re not losing anything you’re back at square one so why pay for a membership…?

Well, because you get a 10% discount off all full-priced items on the website throughout your 12 month membership! Once again, if you’re not a nail polish type of girl or hate Nails Inc, this means nothing to you lol.

But the big, big thing that I think makes this deal really worth it is the free bottle of nail polish. It’s a full sized bottle and is worth £11, so even if this were the only incentive to sign up (and it’s not) you’d be basically paying £5 for a bottle worth £11, that’s a discount of more than 50%. Okay, deal.

I’ve no idea what colour it’ll be though (lol) so there’s a bit of a risk there.

Oh! There’s also rewards points, which I love! For every £10 you spend at you receive 1 point. Once you have 5 points, you get £5 off your order and when you have 10 points you get £10 off. So, once again, definitely worth it for the girl who loves Nails Inc. I’d advise you to get all your gifts and stocking fillers from Nails Inc if you sign up, you’ll end up raking up loads of freebies!

Right, that’s all from me today. To be honest, I’m not signing up because I never do my nails but I really do think it’s a great deal and the moment this post goes live I’ll be sending the link to my nail-crazy friends 😉



Would you sign up?

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