Boots Summer Deals 2017

Hey Everyone!

Summer’s drawing to a quick close and for once, I think I really enjoyed the hot weather. I’m really not a hot weather kind of person (cue gasps and people declaring that they can’t be my friend anymore… seriously, that’s actually happened to me), I love Autumn and Winter and I think one reason I don’t really enjoy summer (apart from me being allergic to heat, that’s a thing right?) is me not knowing how to dress for the heat. This year I really made a effort to plan a summer wardrobe that I enjoyed wearing (with lots of help from Everything5Pounds haha) and I’m actually hoping for at least 1 more week of hot weather before it’s time to put the summer stuff away and take out all the cold weather clothes. It’s honestly never happened to me before!

Whoops, went on a bit of a ramble there. That whole thing was a prelude to me trying to say that the best part of summer is upon us and that is the – SUMMER SALES. I’m a huge fan of saving money (which is what this blog is all about), about not paying full price and also about only buying what you need. Which is where the Boots Summer Clearance sale comes in because, if you’re anything like me (and we’re probably alike, otherwise we wouldn’t be so into beauty/skincare that we read/write blogs about it!) Boots is probably the place where you’re tempted to pop in for on thing and emerge with half the store.

£5 worth of points when you spend £35 in store*

If that’s not enough, on top of the sale, there’s also a points event going on!

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Summer Sales Alert – Ebay, Next and Uniqlo

Summer may be the time when most people think of getting a nice tan, flying away to an idyllic beach somewhere, barbeque parties and picnics but for me what really defines summer is the SUMMER SALES.


On the one hand, it’s a little depressing because this means stores are clearing stock for the Autumn ranges and that means Summer is officially ending (cue ‘Winter is coming’ quote for those of you Game of Throne fans out there). But I’m not too depressed. Why? Well, because when summer ends it means we’re one step closer to the Boxing Day sales, right? Yes, I live in an endless cycle of sale-anticipation. It keeps me happy.
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