Bargain Alert – Boots 3 for 2 (and how to shop it)

Morning Everyone!

Hands up, I love it when Boots has a 3 for 2 and I straight up cannot resist it. In fact, I find it hard to resist any good sale or offer (practically kicked myself for missing Kiko’s amazing offer over Valentine’s weekend!), because the rest of the time I feel I’m very, very good. I have a massive wishlist and I never get anything on it until it does on offer. Don’t buy anything full price girls! And now Boots has a 3 for 2 on so I thought I’d share with you what I’m eyeing to get.

3 for 2 mix & match It’s not just skincare by the way! It’s 3 for 2 on makeup as well! Definitely a great offer but a bit too much choice, eep.3 for 2 mix & match And haircare oh my goodness me… I think the main trouble with these offers is to resist being tempted into buying something you wouldn’t have bought anyway. I’m obviously a penny-pincher (the blog title says it all!) and yet even I have the odd bit of makeup in my bathroom that I’ve never, ever used. Oh the shame… it’s just a waste, isn’t it?
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MORE Boots Christmas Points Events?! – and other Boots deals

Hi All!

Whow, Boots is really out-doing itself this year, it seems there’s a points event every week now and we’re still only in November, what’s it going to be like in December?!

images (2)

Basically, just like last week, you can get £12 worth of Boots Advantage Card points (that’s 1200 points) for every £50 you spend in a single transaction in-store on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 November, as usual be careful because this isn’t available in all Boots stores, just some, but the good news is a quick glance at the list shows that there’s more available stores this time! Stores also have extended opening times as always.

In addition to the event, they’ve added a cherry on top of the mince pie, which is that you’d also receive a voucher for 500 Boots Advantage Card points to spend at the next Boots Christmas event.

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Amazing Boots Deals On Now – Real Techniques 3 for 2!!!

Hi All!

Those of you who’ve been following my blog for awhile will know how long I’ve been eyeing Real Techniques brushes but I’ve been holding out on buying them (even during Boots Points Events!! Which says a lot…) because I know that Real Techniques would go on a 3 for 2 offer at some point and it finally has!!!

Additional bonus: there’s the Triple Points Bonus Event this weekend too!! It’s 12 points per £1 spent instead of 4 points above a minimum spend of £30, which isn’t too hard to reach with makeup…

If you’ve nothing else to do this Sunday, I highly suggest you hike it down to Boots asap, sign up for an Advantage Card (if you don’t already have one) and buy whatever stuff you want in lots of 3 (lol).

There’s quite a lot of things on a 3 for 2 offer, obviously the cheapest item is free so be savvy in your shopping picks. If you get a couple of the Real Techniques brush sets which cost about £20 each you might as well treat yourself to something else that’s around the same price, I’ve picked up the No. Lift and Illuminate Serum because I’ve heard rave reviews about it on Amodelrecommends.

A lot of the makeup is on 3 for 2 as well, including Revlon, Rimmel, L’Oreal, Maybelline… the list goes on!

In plain maths, with the triple points event (which gives you a 12% ‘discount) and which a 3 for 2 offer (which, at its best, will give you a ‘discount’ of 33%) you get a 45% ‘discount’!!

When I put it like that, you realise how good the deal is isn’t you 😉

So get shopping, now’s the time to really stock up!

It’s best if you already had a wishlist you’ve been working on and putting together, I always have one so when a sale or a good deal rolls round I know just what I want to get and I don’t end up being tempted by lots of other products I know I don’t really need/want. 😉

That’s worked so well that I’ve basically ticked off most of my stuff on my current wishlist (ie. I’ve also bought nothing else besides the stuff I had listed), time to work on another!

And even if you’re 100% there’s nothing you want for yourself (really?!) you can definitely pick up a good deal for someone as a Christmas present! There’s also the Boots Star Gift of course.



Review – Real Techniques Miracle Blending Sponge

Hello budget-beauty lovers!

So today I have a review of the Real Techniques Miracle Blending Sponge which I’ve been using for slightly more than a month now.

I’ve mentioned it before in in a previous post about blending sponges and I’ll also be able to compare it to the dupe I’ve bought from eBay a few months back.

Hello Real Techniques Sponge!

Right, so, most obvious thing that I’ve gotta say first… this sponge is way cheaper than the original Beauty Blender but obviously more expensive than an eBay dupe that you can get easily for a couple quid. This one is retailing for £5.99 in Boots and to be honest I felt a bit cheated because I think the pre-release price used to be £4.99?!? But it’s just a pound and I love Real Techniques so…

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Real Techniques Deal Alert!

Hello Fellow Beauty-Lovers!

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time I’m sure you’ll know that I’ve been eyeing the Real Techniques brushes for EVER and I’m just waiting for a good deal on Boots before pouncing on a few.

untitled (16)

If you haven’t heard of them before, they’re basically a range of amazing makeup brushes, all the reviews I’ve read seem to extol them to the high heavens and each brush seems lovingly and thoughtfully created by beauty-lover, pro-blogger and MUA Samantha Chapman. The best thing is, they’re also great value for money. With the quality these brushes are at I’m sure they could have retailed for twice the price they’re currently at but they’re not, they’re really for the average consumer who doesn’t want to bust the bank!

Despite them already being very affordable though, I decided I could wait for a sale/promotion, because those always, always roll around, you just have to be patient! And as luck would have it, not 1 but 2 Real Techniques related promotions are now on!!
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