Amazing Sunday Freebie – Free Uniqlo Heat-Tech T-Shirt!!

Hey All!

I’ve a pretty awesome freebie to share with you today ūüėČ It’s one that’s so so awesome that even though I’ve probably had the busiest day imaginable I somehow still found time to leg it down to a store in Oxford Street to treat myself to this…

As part of Uniqlo’s Feel the Warmth Campaign this winter, you get an awesome chance to get a free heat-tech shirt for either yourself or someone else =)

Uniqlo Feel the Warmth

How it works is pretty simple, first you need to find a participating branch, not all Uniqlo stores will be running this freebie campaign, just the larger ones. There’s a list of participating stores at the bottom of the main campaign page here¬†and while it’s mainly stores in Central London, there seems to be a couple in other cities/London suburbs too =)

It’s the easiest process ever, my boyfriend and I went to get ourselves one today. Basically, just go into one of those stores and there should be a little machine like thing with a sales staff next to it manning it. First thing you gotta fill in is why you want a free heat-tech shirt! As long as you don’t put down anything rude or vulgar, you’ll probably get a shirt ūüėČ

My Free Heattech!

My Free Heattech!

BF's Free Heattech!

The Boyfriend’s Free Heattech!

Then, it’s just a matter of filling in your contact details etc. About less then 10 minutes later, you should get a text with a code for your free shirt, that code only lasts for a day so you need to grab it asap.

The shirts are pretty basic but can’t complain when it’s free, eh!

The offer only lasts till the 14th of November, which is this Thursday, so get to it quick!

If you’ll already be in a central area this weekend then best to do it now, you don’t really want to make a trip somewhere central just for this. It’d work out to be worth it just because the Heat Tech range is so amazing but it means money-wise the freebie is less of a bargain (since you had to travel for it).




PS: I still can’t believe how great this is!!! I don’t think Uniqlo even needs to give out freebies, they’re popular enough. Am a very happy Penny =)

Amazing Boots Deals On Now – Real Techniques 3 for 2!!!

Hi All!

Those of you who’ve been following my blog for awhile will know how long I’ve been eyeing Real Techniques brushes but I’ve been holding out on buying them (even during Boots Points Events!! Which says a lot…) because I know that Real Techniques would go on a 3 for 2 offer at some point and it finally has!!!

Additional bonus: there’s the Triple Points Bonus Event this weekend too!! It’s 12 points per ¬£1 spent instead of 4 points above a minimum spend of ¬£30, which isn’t too hard to reach with makeup…

If you’ve nothing else to do this Sunday, I highly suggest you hike it down to Boots asap, sign up for an Advantage Card (if you don’t already have one) and buy whatever stuff you want in lots of 3 (lol).

There’s quite a lot of things on a 3 for 2 offer, obviously the cheapest item is free so be savvy in your shopping picks. If you get a couple of the Real Techniques brush sets which cost about ¬£20 each you might as well treat yourself to something else that’s around the same price, I’ve picked up the No. Lift and Illuminate Serum because I’ve heard rave reviews about it on Amodelrecommends.

A lot of the makeup is on 3 for 2 as well, including Revlon, Rimmel, L’Oreal, Maybelline… the list goes on!

In plain maths, with the triple points event (which gives you a 12% ‘discount) and which a 3 for 2 offer (which, at its best, will give you a ‘discount’ of 33%) you get a 45% ‘discount’!!

When I put it like that, you realise how good the deal is isn’t you ūüėČ

So¬†get shopping, now’s the time to really stock up!

It’s best if you already had a wishlist you’ve been working on and putting together, I always have one so when a sale or a good deal rolls round I know just what I want to get and I don’t end up being tempted by lots of other products I know I don’t really need/want. ūüėČ

That’s worked so well that I’ve basically ticked off most of my stuff on my current wishlist¬†(ie. I’ve also bought nothing else besides the stuff I had listed), time to work on another!

And even if you’re 100% there’s nothing you want for yourself (really?!) you can definitely pick up a good deal for someone as a Christmas present! There’s also the Boots Star Gift of course.



Boots Star Gift #2 – Laura Ashley Ultimate Indulgence Gift Set + + 3 Months of Blogging WOOT!

Hellooo my lovelies!

It’s Sunday now, finally. I’m typing this at 5am on Friday morning not having slept yet as there’s still too much to prep for church camp this weekend, am cooking dinner for 55 people tonight, please wish me luck!!!

Also, did I mention right after we get back to London from camp on Sunday morning I’ll have to head off to direct a 6 hour rehearsal? Oh I love my work so much…

So chances are that as you’re reading this I’m lurching around somewhere zombie-style either trying to get back to London or desperately making my way through rehearsal. Well, hope your day is jogging along infinitely better than mine is!

First up! I mentioned the Boots Star Gift offer that they’ve got on for Christmas some time last week¬†and as of Friday they’ve officially launched the next Star Gift for the week which is:

Boots Star Laura Ashley Gift

I’ve heard of Laura Ashley and while I know they’re a relatively premium, luxury body product brand I’ve always felt they’re a bit, erm, ‘mum-sy’? Not sure why! I find the packaging pretty but in a mildly retro kind of way… needless to say, I wouldn’t gift this to someone who’s, say in their early twenties and more into parties than bubble baths. Boots seems to agree, as the promo video for this gift seems to target an older age range than the last one.

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The High End Haul #1 – What Was Bought

Hello My Lovely Readers!!

So, finally finally I’m uploading the huge high end haul that my friend went on in Bicester Village almost a month ago now!

Goodness, if that’s how long it takes me to post up a haul from my friend’s visit I’ll never get around to posting about Paris and Lisbon =P Does the post about the Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton Champs-Elysee display count??

Anyway, looking through my pictures that I took of our day at Bicester I realised there were just so many, I was wondering¬†back then why my phone battery seemed to be running out so frequently (I’d brought my charger along, thank goodness, and every chance I got I was sneakily charging it, even in the shops!). Well, mystery solved.

By the way, for those that don’t know Bicester Village, it’s basically a chain of outlet shopping villages and there’s one sort of in-between London and Oxford ish. It’s a pedestrian mall, which means each store is a separate little house-like building but the streets in between are vehicle-free. Bicester tends to have quite high end brands stocked in there, like Burberry, Gucci, LV, Prada, Versace, D&G etc. but also things like L’Occitane, Superdry, Miss Sixty etc. etc. Outlet shopping, of course, means that¬†almost everything there will be discounted and probably quite a high discount at that as they’ll be either last season’s items or just¬†the last few items left that were sent on to the¬†outlet.¬†You can check out where’s your nearest Bicester¬†outlet and what brands they stock here.

Bicester Village

Bicester on an ordinary day… photo not taken by me by the way, it was chucking it down the day I went unfortunately so couldn’t get a lovely shot in!!

Due to the insane multitude of pictures there are I’ve decided to¬†turn this post into a series¬†and this is Part 1: What Was Bought. Next week I’ll put up Part Two: What Was Not (geddit?) which is basically the stuff we saw that she really liked but decided not to get in the end. They’re really pretty and I wanted to take you through the whole shopping process with me, what you decide not to get is sometimes as important, isn’t it? You like to look back on it and think ‘Oh I saved her money!’ LOL.

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A Different Sort of Review – Fu Manchu Complex, a play on at the Ovalhouse

Hello all!

This weekend, I’ve a very different sort of review for you all today because it’s a review for an amazing play that I saw yesterday =)

Actually, typing this up is going to do nothing in helping me preserve my anonymity online (which, if you haven’t guessed already, is something I’m trying really hard to do! What with pen-names and vague references and all that). BUT even if this review reaches just 50 people and only 2 of those 50 go to see this play, that will feel extremely worth the effort to me. That’s how much I value this show!

So, anyway, on with the review!

On Thursday night I had a couple of tickets to the press night of Fu Manchu Complex, written by the extremely talented Daniel York and produced by Moongate Productions (along with Ovalhouse and Mark Cartwright). If any of you readers out there are familiar with the UK theatre scene at all, very recently there was a huge hoo-ha (‘hoo-ha’, not a word I get to use often, hurrah) recently over the RSC’s casting of ‘The Orphan of Zhao’, a Chinese play that was controversially cast with an almost all-Caucasian cast (except the role of the maid and the dog, which had Chinese actors…). This led to a seminal event, the Opening the Door event/debate where East Asians practitioners gathered to discuss the situation in the London, where of all ethnicities the East Asian one seems to make up the largest sector of under-represented minority ethnic groups.

untitled (16)

Now, I won’t go too much into this because that’s a whole post in itself and I know not many of you are here to read about the socio-economical reasons why the above is so! But I thought I’d add that paragraph of background in because it’s quite relevant and important to the review about the play itself!

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