Couple of Great Gift Card Deals – Tesco and Starbucks Half Off

UPDATE: The Tesco Gift Card deal has been renewed for another 7 days =)

Hello All!

Today’s post is not beauty-related at all I’m afraid but they are offers that I believe are intensely practical for absolutely anybody!

First off, we have the Tesco Gift Card offer, this is by Mighty Deals and you basically can buy a £10 Tesco Gift card from them for just £5, this is basically you saving 50% on food here, which I love, because we all need to eat, right? I personally do half of my weekly shop at Tesco and I’m psyched about this (lol, sounds sad, I know) if it was a Boots one I’d be even happier haha. Sadly only one per customer but get your family to get some and spread the word round to friends as well!

Tesco 10 for 5 Voucher

Worth noting that this deal expires in just over a day, so do-do-do snap this up if you’re at all interested. If you never ever shop at Tesco and for some reason would never consider doing so, ignore this of course, but if you shop there even once a month, get this, because the gift card only expires 5 years after you purchase it. Even if you only pop in for the occasional meal deal, this is an investment!

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Monday Munchies – KFC Coffee, Meadowland Butter, PG Tips Tea and Cravendale Milk

Morning Everyone!

Urgh, Monday blues, huh? Although this Monday I’m feeling quite chirpy because my parents are in town and are visiting =) They’re spending the weekend with me and leaving tomorrow (seems pretty quick, oh well) and we’ve just been doing what we love best: eating, shopping, sleeping. Simple pleasures, haha! I thank God that He made us creatures that need to eat/sleep (and shop?) because it’s those necessities that, if you do them in moderation, make life a bit more enjoyable. So, on the topic of eating, I’ve a lot of free food and free drink offers for you today!

First up is KFC, they’ve got some amazing new Arabica bean coffees in and you can download a voucher to try it out completely free, thank you KFC!
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Monday Munchies – Free After Eights and Macdonald’s Coffee

Hello my lovelies!

Today’s Monday Munchies features two of my favourite things in the world (to eat), mint chocolates and coffee (or any other item from McCafe, including their muffins)! Haha. Honestly, who doesn’t like a free coffee or a free pack of chocolates, right?

So, first up is this amazing competition held by After Eight (these were my favourite chocolates for a long time, anyone else love these?). Basically, just ‘like’ their competition’s Facebook page here and you stand a chance to win a Nescafe Dolve Gusto daily, there’s also 8 runners-up prizes of a carton of After Eights daily too! So in totally that’s 121 main prizes of a Nescafe Dolve Gusto white coffee machine with Cappuccino cup set and 968 After runner up prizes of After Eight cartons. Good odds there!

In other news, there’s another great freebie on the MacDonald’s app, this is probably like the 2nd or 3rd Monday Munchie freebie that involves the MacDonald’s app so if you’ve been hesitating you should definitely download that haha.
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Jo Malone Peony Blush & Suede Sample Review + Free Cafe Nero Drink

Hi Everyone!

So, a couple weeks back I did a post on some free perfume samples and dupes (you can see the old post here) and just last week I received my sample of the Jo Malone Peony Blush & Suede!

untitled (4)

I’ve said it before but I love their promo picture!

I mentioned in my previous post that I love how their freebie promotion was quite a creative one and also that they sent a sample to your door, if you haven’t done so yet please please do sign up for one because I was quite blown away by the sample I received! It wasn’t just a sachet of perfume or anything like that, it was actually the tiniest little bottle with a spray top in very pretty packaging, it pretty much a travel-sized version which can usually be pretty expensive so this is a bargain!

Read on to see pictures and also about the Café Nero coffee voucher at the end =)
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