£2.50 Dress Haul!

Hi Everyone!

Another quick-fire post on Everything 5 Pounds, my last post was about their £1.99 sale (which I nabbed loads of items at, I think I returned about half of them but kept half as well, I’ll do a review post one day).

For a limited time only (just a DAY apparently but they do tend to extend these offers, they’re having an amazing half price dress sale. So half off of £5 means that these selected dresses are £2.50.


Click here to jump straight to the sale or read on to see what half price dress picks I personally bought from the sale and what I liked/didn’t like.

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Sale Alert! – ASOS Up To 60% Off Flash Sale

And what better way to celebrate than by having a browse on ASOS, who’re having a lovely flash sale on their new-in spring dress =D

We’re reaching the end of January scarily quickly and I think retailers are all bringing out the ‘big guns’ in terms of sales promotions so there isn’t too much of a retail dip, so to speak, after all the hype of the Boxing Day sales and January sales. Guess ASOS is no different!

Luckily for us, the season’s are changing round again and it’s time to get our Spring wardrobe together… if you’re like me, I tend to buy things out of season and wear them the year after (ie. I’m eyeing a lot of winter boots on offer now!) or build a wardrobe that can be layered so key pieces are worn in most seasons but even I’m having a browse on ASOS at the moment because it’s always lovely to be able to buy a season’s items just before that season actually hits. It feels like such a treat and your wardrobe seems like it’s got that extra sparkly update! Especially if this can be got for a bargain, hehe…

So, anyway, back to ASOS…

Love this picture from ASOS with the little clock, reminding us that the sale’s limited time…

The sale offers up to 60% off dresses from Spring collection (so they’re mainly all new-in, which feels nice and fresh) and it’ll end mid-day tomorrow, which means you’ve got to get your sale-cap on tonight or tomorrow morning (but who shops Monday morning?? Hmmm, come to think of it, it’s a pretty fun way to start the week).
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Dorothy Perkins Sale Alert + Top Sale Picks

Hi my lovelies!

I realised that in general you see a lot of ASOS or Primark or Yesstyle (for those inclined towards East Asian fashion) sale picks and such online but you hardly ever hear any talk of Dororthy Perkins… I guess they’re a retailer that kind slots into the ‘uncool’ category I’d say? Not ‘middle-market’ enough to be ASOS or H&M and yet not ‘dirt cheap’ enough to be a Primark.

They also have a slightly frumpy image to them I think, I’m really not sure why. I guess the name itself doesn’t sound very young, does it?

However, recently there’s been quite a few articles about them in the papers about how their fashion’s picking up and hearing that there was a 25% off EVERYTHING code at their online store and ALSO a huge sale going on, I thought I’d check it out, couldn’t hurt, could it? [wrong, wrong, wrong. I forgot how much my wallet can hurt…]

So, surprise surprise, I found some really good bargains here! I’m talking pretty decent dresses for, say, £7 or £8??? That’s uber-bargain, right?

Sometimes when you zoom in on a picture of their clothes you can tell the cloth isn’t of a good quality (so it just won’t look as nice on you as on the picture) and the cut is a little ‘not right’ but the picks I’ve got for you below are all items I’d be totally happy with and the cheap price makes it a special steal 😉

1) The Bodycon Dress


Let’s start with something I feel DP is really good at (or seems to churn out a lot of anyway), the sleek, elegant-looking bodycon dress. This is £15 on sale from £25 and you can add the 25% off on top of it too!

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