Boots Advantage Points Event

Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been a really long time, life has caught up I’m afraid and while I’ve had a great couple of years, coupled with an effort by myself to stop buying so much makeup, this blog became sadly neglected. I began to get the itch to write again when a couple of weeks back Boots held one of their amazing points events where you get £10 worth of points for a £50 spend, I missed the chance to post about it but, surprise surprise, they’re holding another one this Thursday! So I thought I’d better fire off a quick post now while I still have the chance.

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This isn’t as good as the £7.50 worth of points for £30 spend that they’ve had in past summer points events but it’s better than Triple Points events and 10 points per £1 events as well, so if you missed out on the same event that happened a couple weeks ago now’s your chance to get it! I’ve scouted out a few good deals/promos that are going on at Boots now too, so you can double up your savings:

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Penny-Pinching in Action – Boots Summer Points Event Haul + Some Current Boots Promotions

Hi Fellow Budget Babes!

As some of you might know, Boots had their summer points event 2 Thursdays ago. Sadly, that was before I had started my blog (to be precise, it has like 2 days before I started the blog and the whole idea of Parismonious Penny was still a vague imp of a thought giggling through the back of my mind). Otherwise it would’ve been the number one thing I would have alerted people to! I myself trekked all the way to one of the Boots stores offering the promotion (it wasn’t all of them, there were 2 in London and a smattering in other cities).

Boots Summer Points Event

Anyway, if you have a Boots Advantage card (if you don’t, why not? The only good reason not to have  Boots Advantage card is because you have a Superdrug card, seriously, the points you collect and save up will be worth it!), the summer event meant that instead of 4 points per £1 you got a whopping 25 points! In other words, you get almost 30% off your £30 spend.

Each point translates to 1p that you can spend in-store BUT sometimes Boots has special events that makes their points worth double their amount. So a word of advice with regards to loyalty cards/points, always save them up to use for special promotions or events.

So, following on my post a few days back on how to shop sales smart , I thought I could use my most recent makeup/beauty haul as an example on how to put some of those points into practice!

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