Boots Summer Deals 2017

Hey Everyone!

Summer’s drawing to a quick close and for once, I think I really enjoyed the hot weather. I’m really not a hot weather kind of person (cue gasps and people declaring that they can’t be my friend anymore… seriously, that’s actually happened to me), I love Autumn and Winter and I think one reason I don’t really enjoy summer (apart from me being allergic to heat, that’s a thing right?) is me not knowing how to dress for the heat. This year I really made a effort to plan a summer wardrobe that I enjoyed wearing (with lots of help from Everything5Pounds haha) and I’m actually hoping for at least 1 more week of hot weather before it’s time to put the summer stuff away and take out all the cold weather clothes. It’s honestly never happened to me before!

Whoops, went on a bit of a ramble there. That whole thing was a prelude to me trying to say that the best part of summer is upon us and that is the – SUMMER SALES. I’m a huge fan of saving money (which is what this blog is all about), about not paying full price and also about only buying what you need. Which is where the Boots Summer Clearance sale comes in because, if you’re anything like me (and we’re probably alike, otherwise we wouldn’t be so into beauty/skincare that we read/write blogs about it!) Boots is probably the place where you’re tempted to pop in for on thing and emerge with half the store.

£5 worth of points when you spend £35 in store*

If that’s not enough, on top of the sale, there’s also a points event going on!

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Boots Advantage Points Event

Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been a really long time, life has caught up I’m afraid and while I’ve had a great couple of years, coupled with an effort by myself to stop buying so much makeup, this blog became sadly neglected. I began to get the itch to write again when a couple of weeks back Boots held one of their amazing points events where you get £10 worth of points for a £50 spend, I missed the chance to post about it but, surprise surprise, they’re holding another one this Thursday! So I thought I’d better fire off a quick post now while I still have the chance.

unnamed (1)

This isn’t as good as the £7.50 worth of points for £30 spend that they’ve had in past summer points events but it’s better than Triple Points events and 10 points per £1 events as well, so if you missed out on the same event that happened a couple weeks ago now’s your chance to get it! I’ve scouted out a few good deals/promos that are going on at Boots now too, so you can double up your savings:

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Penny-Pinching in Action – Boots Summer Points Event Haul + Some Current Boots Promotions

Hi Fellow Budget Babes!

As some of you might know, Boots had their summer points event 2 Thursdays ago. Sadly, that was before I had started my blog (to be precise, it has like 2 days before I started the blog and the whole idea of Parismonious Penny was still a vague imp of a thought giggling through the back of my mind). Otherwise it would’ve been the number one thing I would have alerted people to! I myself trekked all the way to one of the Boots stores offering the promotion (it wasn’t all of them, there were 2 in London and a smattering in other cities).

Boots Summer Points Event

Anyway, if you have a Boots Advantage card (if you don’t, why not? The only good reason not to have  Boots Advantage card is because you have a Superdrug card, seriously, the points you collect and save up will be worth it!), the summer event meant that instead of 4 points per £1 you got a whopping 25 points! In other words, you get almost 30% off your £30 spend.

Each point translates to 1p that you can spend in-store BUT sometimes Boots has special events that makes their points worth double their amount. So a word of advice with regards to loyalty cards/points, always save them up to use for special promotions or events.

So, following on my post a few days back on how to shop sales smart , I thought I could use my most recent makeup/beauty haul as an example on how to put some of those points into practice!

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