Last BOOTS Points Event of the Year TODAY

Hello Lovelies!

If you’ve been around this blog since the beginning you know I have a thing for Boots hauls but I only reserve my shopping for when there’s a great points event on. There’s a ton of old posts on this blog about Boots Points Events and the best (ie most parsimonious) way to shop them, but I think my all-time favourite post is this one where I really break it down at the bottom how to decide if the event is really worth your money or not!

discover perfect presents and collect | £10 worth of points | for every £50 you spend*

So the low down on today’s event is that in selected stores (find out which stores here) there’s a special event where every £50 you spend nabs you £10 of points, after 3pm there’ll also be fun in-store activities and drinks so if you’ve the time, make a day of it! If you can’t spare the time, then they’re running the event online as well but online you’ll need to spend £60 to get the £10 of points.

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Boots and Superdrug Points Events this Bank Holiday Weekend!

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry for another long period of silence, however I’m back with good news, which is a points event from both Boots and Superdrug coming up this Bank Holiday weekend! I’ve honestly been feeling that Boots hasn’t had a points event in way too long, it’s usually customary that they have a great summer one but nothing this year *le sigh* so it’s a treat to have events from both mega-drugstores now.

First up, the Boots event.

As you can see, this is an online only event with a minimum spend of £50 or more. To be honest, the online only requirement doesn’t bug me out, since you get free delivery to your home once you hit £45 anyway (so you don’t have to spend more on delivery). If you really want your items now, as long as you order by 6pm you get to pick it up at your nearest store by noon the next day, so that’s also fine by me. Also, the selection online would tend to be tons better (just a bummer you can’t swatch things but you can do that at your local store before ordering). But there is one thing that makes me feel the Superdrug event this weekend trumps the Boots one…

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MORE Boots Christmas Points Events?! – and other Boots deals

Hi All!

Whow, Boots is really out-doing itself this year, it seems there’s a points event every week now and we’re still only in November, what’s it going to be like in December?!

images (2)

Basically, just like last week, you can get £12 worth of Boots Advantage Card points (that’s 1200 points) for every £50 you spend in a single transaction in-store on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 November, as usual be careful because this isn’t available in all Boots stores, just some, but the good news is a quick glance at the list shows that there’s more available stores this time! Stores also have extended opening times as always.

In addition to the event, they’ve added a cherry on top of the mince pie, which is that you’d also receive a voucher for 500 Boots Advantage Card points to spend at the next Boots Christmas event.

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Lots of Boots Points Events!!!!

Helloooo Discount-Lovers!

Okay, you must all know by now how much I love Boots points events… I think I’ve blogged about it like 4 times now and this blog has only been up for about 3 months! [find those posts here, here, here and here!]

This tells us 2 very important things:

1) I’m a massive Advantage Card junkie…

2) Boots points events seem to roll around roughly once a month!

images (2)

This affirms me in my buying strategy of never getting anything I’d get from Boots (soap, shower products, makeup etc) until there’s a points event on (unless that something is a gift and I therefore can’t just put it off).

Okay, so you must be thinking, if Boots Points Events aren’t all that rare (it could also be because it’s Christmas season soon!) what’s so special about this time?

It’s because over the next 5 days there’s going to be, not one, but two Points Events on!! Yep, you heard me! Isn’t that amazing?!

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Quick Lil Deal Alert – Boots 10 points for £1 is back!


Those of you who’ve followed this blog for more than a week would know how obsessed I am with loyalty card points, lol!

Just last weekend I did an urgent unscheduled blog post when Boots did their 10 Advantage Card points per £1 spent offer for the Bank Holiday Weekend (see here) and holy-moly they’re doing it AGAIN!

It’s a great deal because it’s normally 4 points per £1 spent, this is more than twice the usual amount. Each point is worth a penny, if you add them up it really amounts to something and sometimes they do double-points events where the points are worth double.

If you have something you need to pick up from Boots, NOW’S the time to do it!! The minimum spend on this is £15 which isn’t too bad. It’s available online too but that minimum spend for that is £50 which is more ridiculous…

So this is truly a terribly quick update, this is the entire post, no frills no little picture.

Why? Because you shouldn’t be sitting here reading this, you should be heading to your nearest Boots because this offer is only valid till Sunday the 1st of September!! Go go go.

Woohoo loyalty points!



ps: ok I lied, here’s a picture

This is me with points offers, except replace the baby with a Penny and replace the cake with Advantage Card Points.

This is me with points offers, except replace the baby with a Penny and replace the cake with Advantage Card Points.

Who’s an Advantage Card junkie just like me?

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