Boots Advantage Points Event

Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been a really long time, life has caught up I’m afraid and while I’ve had a great couple of years, coupled with an effort by myself to stop buying so much makeup, this blog became sadly neglected. I began to get the itch to write again when a couple of weeks back Boots held one of their amazing points events where you get £10 worth of points for a £50 spend, I missed the chance to post about it but, surprise surprise, they’re holding another one this Thursday! So I thought I’d better fire off a quick post now while I still have the chance.

unnamed (1)

This isn’t as good as the £7.50 worth of points for £30 spend that they’ve had in past summer points events but it’s better than Triple Points events and 10 points per £1 events as well, so if you missed out on the same event that happened a couple weeks ago now’s your chance to get it! I’ve scouted out a few good deals/promos that are going on at Boots now too, so you can double up your savings:

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Bargain Clinique Freebie with Glamour Mag [Christmas Stocking Fillers?]

Hey All!

Been awhile since I’ve done a nice round-up of monthly beauty mag freebies but one caught my eye the other day that I couldn’t resist posting (the offer is that good). Now the Clinique X Glamour mag freebies seem to come around roughly once a year (I’ve blogged about it last year as well), I picked up a chubby stick and my favourite moisturiser (convenient travel size!) last time and really loved them, there some great freebies this year as well including:

Clinique X Glamour 2015

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Free Beauty Box!

EDIT: TODAY is the day so remember to sign up for your free pink parcel TODAY! =)

Hello Lovelies!

Been ages, and I’ve been absolutely swamped (which is no excuse I know) but I just spotted an AMAZING deal that I felt I really had to post up. Basically, it’s a chance to get your hands on a completely FREE ‘beauty box’!

Pink Parcel

Right, so I’ve put beauty box in inverted commas for a reason… this is a pretty special beauty box, the Pink Parcel Box, and its quirk is that it’s completely centred around a woman’s special time of the month (no, not when we get our paychecks… although that’s also very special). As you can see from the picture above though, it has some pretty things in as well, read on to find out more about it and to get a free one!

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B. Skincare and Makeup Half Off at Superdrug

Happy Bank Holiday!

As if kicking off the weekend with points events from both Boots and Superdrug wasn’t enough, there’s also a great half off sale on all B. range products at Superdrug, hurrah.

B. Discover premium  beauty, made easy.

To be honest, I’ve never ever tried anything from the B. range before but they have been on my radar for a good while because Jane Cunningham from BritishBeautyBlogger has done some work with them and rates the range highly (I think if someone like Jane who has access to tons of beauty brands rates something highly, surely it’s worth checking out?). In fact, I see she has a post up about the half off sale already and she also has some recommendations, read it here.

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Boots and Superdrug Points Events this Bank Holiday Weekend!

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry for another long period of silence, however I’m back with good news, which is a points event from both Boots and Superdrug coming up this Bank Holiday weekend! I’ve honestly been feeling that Boots hasn’t had a points event in way too long, it’s usually customary that they have a great summer one but nothing this year *le sigh* so it’s a treat to have events from both mega-drugstores now.

First up, the Boots event.

As you can see, this is an online only event with a minimum spend of £50 or more. To be honest, the online only requirement doesn’t bug me out, since you get free delivery to your home once you hit £45 anyway (so you don’t have to spend more on delivery). If you really want your items now, as long as you order by 6pm you get to pick it up at your nearest store by noon the next day, so that’s also fine by me. Also, the selection online would tend to be tons better (just a bummer you can’t swatch things but you can do that at your local store before ordering). But there is one thing that makes me feel the Superdrug event this weekend trumps the Boots one…

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