Boots Summer Deals 2017

Hey Everyone!

Summer’s drawing to a quick close and for once, I think I really enjoyed the hot weather. I’m really not a hot weather kind of person (cue gasps and people declaring that they can’t be my friend anymore… seriously, that’s actually happened to me), I love Autumn and Winter and I think one reason I don’t really enjoy summer (apart from me being allergic to heat, that’s a thing right?) is me not knowing how to dress for the heat. This year I really made a effort to plan a summer wardrobe that I enjoyed wearing (with lots of help from Everything5Pounds haha) and I’m actually hoping for at least 1 more week of hot weather before it’s time to put the summer stuff away and take out all the cold weather clothes. It’s honestly never happened to me before!

Whoops, went on a bit of a ramble there. That whole thing was a prelude to me trying to say that the best part of summer is upon us and that is the – SUMMER SALES. I’m a huge fan of saving money (which is what this blog is all about), about not paying full price and also about only buying what you need. Which is where the Boots Summer Clearance sale comes in because, if you’re anything like me (and we’re probably alike, otherwise we wouldn’t be so into beauty/skincare that we read/write blogs about it!) Boots is probably the place where you’re tempted to pop in for on thing and emerge with half the store.

£5 worth of points when you spend £35 in store*

If that’s not enough, on top of the sale, there’s also a points event going on!

Since we’re officially in Summer Sales zone, if there is anything, anything at all, you know you need to get in future, get it now! So, for example, if you’ve a hot beach holiday planned any time in the next year (yep, the next year, because good luck finding a cheap deal on beachwear in January!) the summer sales now is the time to get your new digs. My husband and I are flying to Singapore (land of perpetually sweltering hot) in February and I’ve got my clothes sorted already. Or if you want a nice new strappy dress for the office Christmas party, the time to get it is also now. Finally, the dreaded topic that no one wants to talk about, Christmas presents, yes, get them now when everything’s on sale. This is where Boots comes in more specifically.

This isn’t very well advertised on their main page but they do have a Summer Sales section, you can check out their Summer Clearance page here. If you sort it by ‘Bestseller’, the first items that pop up for convenient Christmas-ready gift sets of skincare, makeup, nail polish and fragrance from brands such as Champney’s, Essie, Sanctuary, Seventeen, Zoella Beauty, Yankee Candle etc. etc.

Essie Winter Baby Its Cold Outside Quad Box

£10.00 for this down from £24.99

If that isn’t enough, there’s also a better than half price Summer Sizzler promotion currently running on my all time favourite brush brand, Real Techniques.


Real Techniques Flawless Base Set

£10.99 down from £22.99

Other Summer Sizzle promos include a Sleek highlighting and lip kit which you could double up with the current free gift with any £12 spent on Sleek makeup. The gift is a free Essentially Sleek Gift Set.

There’s similar deals also if you spend £7 on Barry M (it’s a mermaid makeup bag!) or if you buy any 2 No7 cosmetics or brushes.

All of this you need to combine with the latest points event to save yourself the most money in the long run. This event is actually a little confusing as it requires you going to Boots twice. Basically, you need spend a minimum of £4 in order to to get a coupon that’ll let you unlock £5 of points for a £35 spend. I’ve broken it down into easy steps for you.

Step One: Shop at Boots before Sunday 20th August.

Step Two: You get the coupon with every £4 or more spend, so you should buy an item of a minimum value of £4 but ideally not much more. This gets you your coupon.

Step Three: Now you’ve spent £4 and you’ve got your coupon. Shop at Boots again to use your coupon between 9th August and 24th August.

Step Four: Make sure you spend at least £35, ideally not much more (again). I always feel it’s a wasted expenditure if you’re not getting more points for it!

Now, if you’re a regular follower of this blog, you’ve probably already went to Boots earlier in Summer during one of the earlier points events, if so you’ll have racked up quite a few points. Use those points instead of cash for this points deal if you can; in my mind, there’s no point saving points up for an elusive special purchase, it’s a sweet idea but not as bargain hunting friendly or practical.

Whenever I pop into Boots, it’s usually during a points event, and I use my saved up points on top of current sale items and promotions (ie free gift with purchase or 2 for 1 deals) to buy only items I need to replenish that I’ve run out of (makeup, skincare, etc) so I always end up getting way more for my money’s worth!

Finally, let’s do the math for this deal. For a minimum of £35 +£4 = £39 spend you get £5 back in points. If you use those points in future, it means you spend £39 for items worth £44. Which is an ok deal, although not amazing. If you couple it with all the Summer deals listed above, that makes it a fantastic bargain. BUT only if you’re buying things you need/actually would already purchase, don’t forget that!

Happy Boots Bargain Hunting!





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