Everything 5 Pounds – £1.99 Sale

Hello Everyone!

Today we’ll be talking about one of my absolute, all-time favourite online clothing sites – Everything 5 Pounds.

In case you haven’t heard of them already, the name really says it all – everything on the site will only set you back a fiver. I’ve really got into shopping from them recently and I’ve a whole host of posts planned including an in-depth review, reviews of all the hauls I’ve done recently (including the good and the bad) plus tips on how to get the most out of shopping with them. However, today’s post is going to be a quick one because I’ve spotted something that I really wanted to blog about asap while the deal’s still on.


For a limited time only, Everything5Pounds is a misnomer, because not everything is £5, some things are £1.99!

The sale is a mix of good and bad, I’ve spotted a number of items that have been on the site a couple years now (did I mention I’m a really avid shopper of Everything 5 Pounds??) as well as some items that were in a previous £1.99 shoe sale. However, it’s definitely worth a browse, especially if you’re going somewhere nice and hot for the summer. There’s no info on when the sale will end so definitely get in there now.

Some of my top picks from the summer sale include:

Beach Cover Ups


An absolutely beach holiday essential and for £1.99 you really can’t go wrong, it’s simple and classic and would look lovely and summery thrown over a bikini. This one (pictured above) comes in 5 different colours, there’s also more of a cardigan type lacey one over here that comes in blue and teal.


There’s a great variety of crops, camis and leggings. However what really blew me away was the great options they have for workwear basics, already a steal at £5, at £1.99 these are even greater bargains.


There’re basic black blazers and also lots of black heels, pumps and stilettos. I do find it hard buying footwear online but the site does have a returns policy (although you’ll have to pay for delivery). Considering that the price is already so cheap, I usually order a couple of pairs and keep the ones that fit best.

Crazy Things

Some items are absolutely too crazy not to have in the back of your cupboard, these are the items you crack out every couple of years for an insane house party, intense gig or Halloween. Or perhaps you’re buying costumes for a film or a play and you’re searching for a dress with spikes for boobs (yes you read that right) and are in despair because you think you’ll need to make one yourself… well no look further! Tadah.


And let’s not forget some flaming shoes to go with that.


You’re welcome.

My Favourites

And finally, my personal favourites from the sale, including what I’m going to pick up/have already bought!


Firstly, this gorgeous and summery dress, very on-trend for this season!


Next, this very versatile and stylish poncho. I got this in 2 colours. At first I thought it might be light enough for the beach as well but it’s definitely knitwear, so it’s more of an Autumn/Winter item. (unfortunately already sold out!)


And finally, this very simple and yet elegant red dress, again, a steal at £1.99.


Right, that was a longer post that I’d thought it’d be, look forward to more about Everything 5 Pounds very shortly, in the meantime, have fun shopping their Summer Sale!






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