Boots Advantage Points Event

Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been a really long time, life has caught up I’m afraid and while I’ve had a great couple of years, coupled with an effort by myself to stop buying so much makeup, this blog became sadly neglected. I began to get the itch to write again when a couple of weeks back Boots held one of their amazing points events where you get £10 worth of points for a £50 spend, I missed the chance to post about it but, surprise surprise, they’re holding another one this Thursday! So I thought I’d better fire off a quick post now while I still have the chance.

unnamed (1)

This isn’t as good as the £7.50 worth of points for £30 spend that they’ve had in past summer points events but it’s better than Triple Points events and 10 points per £1 events as well, so if you missed out on the same event that happened a couple weeks ago now’s your chance to get it! I’ve scouted out a few good deals/promos that are going on at Boots now too, so you can double up your savings:

No 7

Firstly, purchases of any 2 cosmetic items from Boots’ own brand No 7 will net you this free Gift with Purchase summer kit, it’s a pretty little box that, if you won’t use any of the products in, would make a great present and would even keep till (dare I say it?) Christmas.


Real Techniques

I spotted a great 2-for-1 offer on these in store but in case that’s gone, there’s a free Miracle Complexion Sponge for every 2 items you buy as well as a buy 1 get 1 half price on the Bold Metals Collection.


I know everyone says it but it’s true, I love the Simple makeup wipes, and their micellar water, and their face wash. There’s almost always some sort of offer on for Simple so check it out before you check out (see what I did there?).



I’m a big proponent that these sorts of events really only save you money if you buy things you were going to buy anyway. Eg. if you’ve been eyeing something for awhile and have just been waiting for it to go on offer, or if you’re running out of foundation, or your favourite lippie, or shower gel, or even deodorant (I love the Nivea liquid ones by the way, I think there’s a 2 for £3 on at the moment). I take that a step further and actively stock up on things I know I’ll use, even if I’m not running out of them at the moment, since things like shampoo don’t expire.

If you’ve got any of those Love2Shop vouchers (I was lucky enough to have £25 worth of them and had been holding on till a good Boots Points Event to use them) then now’s the time! By combining vouchers and current offers that are on, you can make a good deal and a great deal.

Have fun saving!



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