Last BOOTS Points Event of the Year TODAY

Hello Lovelies!

If you’ve been around this blog since the beginning you know I have a thing for Boots hauls but I only reserve my shopping for when there’s a great points event on. There’s a ton of old posts on this blog about Boots Points Events and the best (ie most parsimonious) way to shop them, but I think my all-time favourite post is this one where I really break it down at the bottom how to decide if the event is really worth your money or not!

discover perfect presents and collect | £10 worth of points | for every £50 you spend*

So the low down on today’s event is that in selected stores (find out which stores here) there’s a special event where every £50 you spend nabs you £10 of points, after 3pm there’ll also be fun in-store activities and drinks so if you’ve the time, make a day of it! If you can’t spare the time, then they’re running the event online as well but online you’ll need to spend £60 to get the £10 of points.

It’s important to remember that you get £10 of points for every £50 you spend, so if you haven’t got your Christmas gifts yet and there’re electronics and big-ticket items you can get from Boots, do it here! Because if you buy £100 worth of items that translates to £20 worth of points!

To put it simply, I always say getting £10 back for a £50 spend is like a 20% discount, that’s not entirely accurate so if you want to know the real maths behind it (warning it’ll get a bit complicated because I’m not the best at explaining these things!) read on: doing the quick math, say you spend £50 today and get £10 in points. Next time you go in for a shop you spend £10 but use your points so you effectively don’t spend anything. Adding that all together you basically got £60 worth of products but spent £50, 10/60 = 0.16666666~ So the truth is what you’re really getting is a 16% discount.

This honestly isn’t too shabby if you pair it with (a) other discounts like 3 for 2 deals or Star Gifts deals and (b) are purchasing items you really need/really want/would definitely have bought anyway. Usually when I see a product I really want to use/try, I stick it on a wishlist (which I change around all the time) and I only buy it when I’m out of something I currently use (eg cleanser or foundation or mascara etc.) or when there’s an epic sale on. So I’ve definitely got a huge list of what I want to try and am looking forward to my Boots shop today!

If the above has got you confused, here’s the simple breakdown:

Think of everything you want to buy as a gift from Boots or anything you would have needed to get from there anyway in the next couple of months (might as well get that new foundation now if you know you’ll run out soon!). If the total is less than £35, don’t bother with this points event. If it goes above £35 then I feel it’s beginning to be worth thinking of other products you could possible try/buy now to make it up to £50 to get that £10 free, especially when you hit £40. Add £10 to the above to figure out the thresholds for the online minimum spend of £60 (though I’d say if you definitely have enough you want to buy to hit £60 then just order it online and save the hassle of barging through Boots, lol!).




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