Amazing Christmas Beauty Box Deal

Hello Lovelies!

Christmas is inching ever closer, it’s finally December and those of you with Advent Calendars must be rejoicing as you finally get to start opening those exciting little drawers.

Ultimate Beauty Christmas Gift!

I spotted an amazing beauty box deal on IWantOneofThose, a site full of random, quirky and fun gifting ideas. To be honest I didn’t realise they did much beauty things but this is the second time I’ve spotted a beauty box deal on their site and they tend to team up with existing beauty box companies offer the old boxes on a deal, usually 3 for 2, which is a great bargain! The ones on offer this time is the Look Fantastic beauty boxes, the Christmas 2015 series which, if you weren’t aware, runs October, November and finally December.

So if you’ve missed out on the last two Look Fantastic boxes and are interested in getting those PLUS the December box, you can buy the lot for £30, which is considering the box costs £15 each from Look Fantastic. Also, there’s free delivery from the site for orders over £10, which this is. Extra bargainous! (this is aside from the fact that all the products also add up to £180, although I don’t put much track by that as if it’s a product I don’t want/won’t use it doesn’t matter if it’s worth £500 on the market…)

One thing I don’t like about beauty boxes is that I don’t know what I’m getting. I know that’s supposed to be the main draw, as it’s meant to be a surprise (like an advent calendar I suppose!) but I’d rather save my money and get something I really want. So what’s great about this deal is that while we don’t know what’s in the December box if you’re like me we can sneak a peek at what was in the October and November boxes since those have been and gone! Here’s some links to some reviews of the boxes that I’ve read, click here for October and here for November.

And like I’m always saying in the run-up to Christmas… even if you don’t want this for yourself, if it’ll make the perfect gift for someone special in your life then it’s a great bargain to snap up! I’d suggest buying a pretty makeup bag and then doing up personalised beauty hamper gifts for them out of all the products from these three boxes. And if course if you spot a couple of things you really like, keep them for yourself 😉

Click here to go to Look Fantastic and get the deal, be quick though, it seems like these will go fast!




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