The British Beauty Blogger Dream Box 4!

Hey guys!

Just a quick, cheeky post on a Sunday morning to alert you to the fact that the amazing British Beauty Blogger’s has just released yet another of her wonderful bi-annual beauty boxes, packed full of the best and latest skincare and makeup which include both high-end and also budget picks. These always sell out FAST and I’m never been so thankful for the fact that I wake up early on a Sunday to go to church, otherwise being the lie-in-lover I am I would never have spotted this on a weekend morning!

Image from

Image from

For a full list and detailed breakdown of what the box contains let me direct you to Jane’s lovely post on her webpage here, with a value of £106.20 in product for just a £22.95 spend it’s a terrific bargain. But then again, I’m a huge believer that nothing is really a bargain of you don’t ‘need’ or ‘want’ what you’re buying so go ahead and see if there’s anything you fancy in the box. I’m pretty confident you’ll find something as the selective is so comprehensive! Personally, I’m in a market for a new eye cream so the Nuxe Prodigeux Eye Cream really sealed the deal for me! That and the fact that Christmas is coming up and so many of the little things in this box that I wouldn’t use would make lovely stocking fillers or could be put together in a lovely mini Christmas beauty hamper as a gift.

To read more about the previous editions of the BBB Dream box click here, I’ve always been pleased with the selection of items I’ve received.

Click over to Latest in Beauty to get this beauty gem, it does sell out quick and while that should never pressure you into buying anything just a word of warning that this isn’t a purchase you should sleep on if you’re not entirely sure of it as it’ll likely be gone 😉



ps: on an ENTIRELY separate note if you’ve 2 minutes (I promise that’s it) to spare could you please watch this supremely touching film a friend of mine has made and vote if you so wish, voting closes in 24 hours!

pps: on another separate but this time more related note… I’ve been mulling over expanding the remit of the blog to include ways and tips for make cash online/part-time (useful for freelancers, students, homemakers etc) and also more non-beauty related money saving tips, expect me to be back more regularly on the blog!


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