BBB Dream Box 3!

Hello Everyone =)

If you’re a regular reader of this now very irregular blog (sorry sorry >_<) then you’ll be familiar with the BBB, or BritishBeautyBlogger, Beauty Boxes, they started I think about a couple years ago (oh my gosh time flies). I’m so happy that these boxes are now a biannual thing, I look forward to them so much. About 2 boxes back Jane Cunningham (the British Beauty Blogger) started teaming up with Latest in Beauty (a beauty box site but not one that does subscription boxes, they tend to release beauty box collections in collaborations with exciting organisations like Glamour or Beauty Bible).

image description

LIB tend to do great value collections but over and over I think the Dream boxes by BBB are absolutely the BEST value ones! Of course, despite however great of a bargain any box is, I would always say to make sure that the stuff inside is actually stuff you’d use/you want otherwise save the money to buy yourself something else you’d actually love. I spotted a ton of things in the BBB Dream Box 3 I’d love to try out so I’ve already purchased it and absolutely can’t wait for it to arrive!

So, the details, this costs £21.95 (including P&P so that’s all you pay) and is worth an estimated £110. There’s a great mix of facial care, body care, hair care and fun make-up/beauty things in there. I’ll direct you to the BBB’s own website for a full detail about them since she really does describe them best (she knows and loves these products after all), so pop over to here to be enlightened.

From my best experience, I’ve never been disappointed by one of these boxes yet and I’ve bought all that have come out (bar the first one that sold out too fast for me to grab it!). I don’t use everything in them, hand creams and body creams are two things I almost never find a use for, but what I do is that anything I know I won’t use I always re-gift. It’s a simple thing to buy a pretty box or a cute little basket/bag and do up a little beauty care package as a gift for a loved one (I’ve done this for my mum and also a good friend for her baby shower last year), everyone loves a thoughtful little pamper package! These boxes tend to be a two in one buy for me, a little treat for myself and it also ticks off my to-buy gift list for birthdays or even Christmas!

What I’m really looking forward to in this particular box is the OLE HENRIKSEN Pure Truth Melting Cleanser, I’ve heard so much about this brand but it’s crazily expensive, so even though it’s just a sample size I’m excited to try it out. Likewise for the Nuxe Crème Fraiche de Beauté Mask and the Salon Science Reglosse Smoothing Serum, I can always do with another mask or hair serum! I go through these pretty quickly and am in the market for more just about now. Makeup wise it’s the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velet and MUR Fluid Blush I’m excited about, both products I’ve been meaning to try for some time (I find MUR products so tough to get my hands on, I don’t exactly want to be placing orders online for them all the time, I prefer getting into a drugstore and swatching different colours).

These sell out fast so if you want your’s, quick hop over to the LIB website and order it today =)



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